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10 Reasons For A Handheld Dive Light In 2020 - Will I Switch?


Hello divers! My name is Ben, I am a technical diver, a cave diver, and a trainer. In this video, I give you 10 reasons to finally switch to a portable primary light like New Halcyon EXP, but also 3 reasons not to switch at the end of this video. So be sure to watch the full video! coming! Portable base lights have been available for quite some time now but most of them weren’t as powerful Enough to keep up with the high demands of technical or cave diving. Halcyon EXP may change the rules of the game in this regard. This light was sent to me for free for this video by Faszination Tauchsport in Munich / Germany, It is, quite frankly, one of the best shops for technical and recreational divers in Germany in my opinion. However, I am not allowed to keep the light on at the end nor am I being paid to create this video or say Anything positive about him. Everything I say on this channel is always my honest opinion. If you would like to see more tech reviews, let me know in the comments, give me a thumbs up Join and ring the bell. However, it was time to ask the question: Is it time to empty the case and switch lights To a basic handheld lamp? Here are my 10 reasons for purchasing this bulb, the portable Halcyon EXP diving lamp! The first reason is the fact that this light is extremely lightweight and compact. The battery has 29 watts which means this guy travels easily on a plane. Most airlines restrict lithium-ion batteries that can be carried on a plane at 100 watts. Before flying, check back with the airline, but with only 29 watts, it shouldn’t be it’s a problem. This makes this light ideal for travel. I know many divers who travel a lot and have already turned out to be a flashlight for this Only reason. But compared to its Halcyon predecessors, the new EXP is smaller than it Best for Traveler Diver. The second reason: Speaking of compact form factor, this light fits easily inside Dry suit pocket. This means you can easily store it if you don’t use it or – that is Extremely powerful – use it as your primary backup lamp. As for the spare light, it might be a little overrated – both in terms of performance and price. However, imagine you could only keep a second primary bulb in your pocket. As a cave diver, I fell in love with the idea! Let me know in the comments, if you’d take it as a second primary light as well. Reason 3: The worst downside to portable lights is the burning time. Halcyon claims a 5-hour burning time for EXP. This light has two levels, “low” and “high”. Since the burning time of 5 hours was hard to believe for me, I did a burn test of this light along with My Halcyon Focus 2.0 case light to see how long this light will last. I did it once on the high level and once on the low level. Let’s see how it works! [Weird music] The burning time of this light is incredible! On the high setting, hold for longer than 2.5 hours before it becomes slightly dimmer and begins to throb. So I didn’t really want to go past this point in order not to damage the battery. It was even more incredible in the low setting. On the low setting, this light lasts approximately 8 hours, which means this is really a game-changer. In a caveman environment, quite frankly, you wouldn’t use the high settings anyway, as it’s too bright. So in the cave setting, I’ll be using the low setting anyway and using it with my focus 2.0. And a burn time of eight hours – even if it’s a little used up and you get like six hours, it’s more than Halcyon claims this light. So this is really unbelievable for such a portable little light. The fourth reason: with the older portable bulbs it was I always get the impression that the weight distribution isn’t really improving. This was mainly due to the large and heavy battery. Sure, there were portable devices with smaller batteries on the market, but the burn time was less than Being a good primary light, for example in cave diving. Halcyon EXP provides a reasonable burning time, but the battery is relatively small than it Improves weight distribution. This light is almost invisible underwater, as it is really balanced. This is quite frankly a reason to purchase this light. Reason 5: This appears to be the most obvious reason to purchase this light – it is Does not contain annoying wire! With wired lights, you can either use E / O wires or a continuous wire. E / O wires tend to break easily, rendering your light useless. The continuous wiring has the drawback that the lamp head cannot be separated from Battery, which is convenient when recharging or in training situations. Underwater, the rope increases the risk of interfering with the long hose and making the donation Long hose is complicated, if not impossible. Hence, they are a safety hazard in some way. Sure, as long as there are wired lamps on the market, I recommend students to train with Light wire from time to time to be aware of handling when performing S-Drill. However, not having a wire will make your life easier, so this is a professional and a reason To buy EXP or any other flashlight. Reason 6: According to Halcyon, EXP has the same light output as Flare or Focus 2.0 case lights. Focus 2.0 definitely looks brighter, as you can narrow the beam of light. But if you place both lamps opposite each of them with roughly the same bright focus on Wall, I won’t see a difference. However, this light is suitable as a base light even for cave diving and technical diving In terms of light output. I made a short underwater video to see how the light works. Get ready to watch some B-Roll. [Dreamy music] Reason # 7: Real Game Changing The reason for gaining experience is the attractive price . You can get this lamp for about $ 800 which is almost half the price Lamp enclosure. Difficult to get a full base light for less than usually large. So for the price of a standard lamp case, you can get roughly two of these guys – which is incredible and for me, a reason to buy this! Reason 8: What I really liked is the fact that you don’t need to unlock The battery is to be recharged. EXP comes with a very simple charger. Just insert the light into the charging socket – it’s done! No need to open it, which means there is no risk of sand seals leading to leaks And things like that. Just that simple! This is another reason for me to buy it. Reason 9: What I really like is the Goodman handle. I know many people complain about the Halcyon Goodman Handles, Because it’s easy to put a hose or something in between the two. However, for a portable light, this Goodman knob is perfect, because only you can Make the light more compact, protect the glass and lens and then you can put it inside your pocket. It’s only the size of my hand when you have it like this. And that’s what I really like and that’s what makes this light Really cool and that is a reason for me to buy this lamp. Reason # 10: What definitely speaks for Halcyon as a manufacturer It is wonderful customer service. Even after an official warranty, they often repair the damaged light for free – they’ve This happened to me at least twice. So I can’t complain about Halcyon customer support and that will always be a reason I personally have to buy the Halcyon lamp. Well guys … I promised you 10 reasons to buy EXP and 3 reasons not to buy it. Here are the three reasons why you should not purchase a flashlight: The first reason is that you cannot use an EXP battery with an active heating system. On the one hand, it will be small – watch my video on active heating systems to find out How much energy these systems consume. On the other hand, there is nothing to connect an active heating system. So if you want to use a heating jacket, you’ll need an external battery, anyway. However, some people like to use separate batteries for lighting and heating, so use of Wireless light like EXP and active heating system with battery box on Your belt is less messy! The second reason not to purchase this lamp is that it does not have a cord. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The absence of a light wire eliminates problems such as tangling caused by light wires. But when diving into this light, I always have an idea that I could accidentally lose it. Honestly, I’ve never lost the tip of a rope light from my hand, but if it happens with a portable light, This thing will disappear. Have you ever slipped dizzy from your hand? Please leave me a comment and let me know! So this seems a little unreal to me. However, if the light were cut off, the cave line could be refracted and that was what happened to me before. In that case, I could store this light away in my pocket instead of Permanently cut it. Reason # 3 for not purchasing this light is the fact that the battery is not interchangeable. I made this point a professional, as it minimizes the risk of leakage. However, in terms of logistics it can make things complicated. If you take multiple dives a day without charging in between, this is a good idea You have a second or third battery to use or just use a higher capacity battery. This is easy with a wired light but close to impossible with EXP, because you can’t change the battery. However, for the price of a second or larger battery, you can roughly get another experience. So instead of buying a bigger battery, you can’t get on a plane anyway or buy a kit Smaller batteries to change between periods of dives, you can only buy a second EXP for about the same price. Let’s sum it up: I think Halcyon did a great job with this highlights, with EXP. It’s a lightweight and compact portable base light with enough burning time for even a dip The longest. It feels nice on the hand and is small enough to fit in a pocket. The question at first was whether it was time to ditch the wired lights. I don’t see much of the drawbacks of portable lights anymore. I’m not going to ditch the Focus 2.0 wired because it still works great and still has more burn time for a really long dive. But I think I’ll buy EXP anyway as a backup primary light or primary light For leisure travel and diving. But what do you think? Is the era of wired lights over or will we be using them for some time? Leave me a comment, hit subscribe, ring the bell and watch my other videos! see you there!

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