Students T Test | Students T-test, Hypothesentest Der T-verteilung, T-test, Mathe By Daniel Jung

Mathe By Daniel Jung

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Students T-test, Hypothesentest Der T-verteilung, T-test, Mathe By Daniel Jung


Yes, first of all, some have always wondered where youth comes from. Doesn’t come from a student, but from the good gentleman who was called. The one for the tests are responsible for the development. You wanted somehow not that his name will be published, and that was such a synonym that has then the his dances. Youth does not actually come from student name if the dirt could have used his name. So this only costs a little history. Imagine you have two samples. For example, you have here Falls 1 and here falls two. Imagine you are now looking, cheeky, a cornfield and another cornfield and have a look. Maybe then the height of maize is raised here and that too statistically here with Xe and from me y. Don’t panic in the form of a table How high the parts are 15 centimeters, 15 2 centimeters and so on and so on, maybe 16 times and from the other field 15.5 and so on and so on X 16.1 I always have that in my head. If you have, then you have so. And so many values ​​here in total that would then be the number n1 I say now we have here now. 325 values ​​stand for the test between 20 and 30 that is always one reasonable, bigger and here in two also become 25 values. ​​how, does it go on then? Actually, it will be. Yes at some point to check afterwards. The new hypothesis we have one difference have a city is statistically significant or not, we first assume no difference from the hypothesis, middle height of the parts and h1 would be. Yes, there is a difference. Just write down the difference. How is the sequence first needs GT statistics, statistics and depending on what he wrote down that would be. Yes, the ratio of the difference between the mean values ​​yes. I can now also here, write again. Depending on how many you have and below the root of and then I’ll take asics to the quadrat through very important in one plus Sy to the square of Ken 2 Ie, the variance of the values ​​for Ik’s die variant of the variance of the values ​​of y divided by the number from it. The root that gives you a value first. I think to myself now. One out of no idea. The value is then 23 is really now made up and for the test has to go on now. You need another one now. Significant level significant level it would be 0.05 corresponds to five percent. You should have already dealt with testing. I also have under Test. The playlist about significance level of error probability error. First kind already something packed in that we are now here too long to grab what you still need as a building block in order to be in the table. T table will probably have. It still depends on which one you have. I guess you will be here. Then read the degree of freedom in the column, and I calculate that here accordingly, then from with n1 n2 – 2 that again has the background as one there can change a bit. But if you go depending on me, it is the same degree of freedom. I always write it a bit clumsily that you read then accordingly. Here you have that would be here now. 25 and 25 50 – two would be then somewhere at 12 48 so and then. I have to go along that line go. And then 00 500 2500 1 These are finally the common packages for 1 percent 25 5 percent. And then I read from now, for example. That doesn’t have to be right now. It works! As a matter of principle, I am now there to read 2.1 Who would then have to now interpret the the thesis statistic is above this value so here we are at h1 and there must have been a statistically significant difference. If I read off here, for example, 24 then I would be with the city T statistics below this value. And then I would be at zero. There is none difference. That would be first time, so that rough package, maybe still behind thrown the two data collection here are independently of each other. I could, for example, if I am in an addiction. I can only take one field and then a size of 25 take measured values. ​​and, then what do I fertilize the field or something? And then one second make a second survey again in the field. Then we would be in dependency because we are here is perhaps best illustrated are in the same field, and when testing yourself, there is still the possibility either left to right or both sides where it is either it can be less or more, but I do think so. However, your own videos should actually be left, right or both sides from the test but to be known. I hope I was able to put it on a blackboard. Here always writes through when maybe something wasn’t so clear. I always try my best to record a video for everything.

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