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Casino De Monte-carlo 1992


Just wanna make sure because I’m American. I know you hate Americans, but just remember you be speaking German right now, so 13 Yes, yes, yes, martini. Martini is. That’s a hundred bucks, buddy. That’s a damn good tip for a martini. We’re cooking now. Thank you, sir, this new, my dear to the t-shirt for those. Wait, Yeah, let’s see what’s in my system. Hey, your face out of my system is costly, unfortunate. Marilyn, this is working like a charm. We will use immature. Yes, don’t hang around, okay. You’re jinxing me. Don’t look. Is Jason. That things takes me. You takes me go. Go, go go! Please go get a drink or something, have fun. This is money! Carl, come on. It’s a gambling place change. Your clothes put a t-shirt on her crate. Do you see the way she was hanging out all over the place, Black black, What the married woman, one of life’s misunderstood creature whom no man is truly worth. You like to gamble? Yes, you have cash. It’s really a game of chance. What Gambles for the sake of gambling? I’d lose anyway. You can do me no harm, really. I’m sure, okay, okay, thirteen so good. Oh, no, no, no thirteen aspyns that inspires lucky 30 I’m sorry, it’s really not that bad. I mean, I am sorry. I have not introduced myself. I am Hercules Papadopoulos from Athens, Maryland weary from Newark. Thanks, Im. Sorry, use the amount not adequate. What are you planning on bringing friends? Listen, mister. Maybe this is what hookers look like increase. But I know Hooker. I’m a housewife. We do it for free. Please, please! This is your share of the winnings in his customer. I win your benefit. You must risk this marker on eternal famille. Misha Fataroo, 13 that is 14 thousand American dollars. Madam, the table weights. And if I bet it all on 13 again, nothing, Monsieur. I can’t at the gaming table. As in life, risking all takes great courage. I’m gonna shoot the works on 13 My your insistence, what’s the dress? It shows everything what do. I have to do to get a drink in this place. The French national anthem on Black Flag. Wait, somebody move back. It was unread. What’s doable. You put a frog number me! I’m no swearing no 36 36 3 can wait for me. What are you doing? I was gonna train with you. You had the dog and my wife, remember? I mean, the power, of course, much greater than myself, yes. I know that feeling yes. Please wait for me too. I’ll play the same numbers as you good. Bye, all right. I’m a man of compassion. Give me your money, I’m Berle try. Wait, funny enough for the first person, please. I gambled away a fortune tonight. I might have to sell my business. You know how that is, you know? Morel, spell, please. I don’t mind you’re a great man Marasco tonight. I’m gonna make you a rich man. Kneel swearing. Yeah, first! I must find the little boy’s room and lose precious time. Waiter, freeze, man, a cop. Who’s there, it’s my wife? My condolences. Oh, darling, what are we doing? I just thought I’d come through the casino and say how does that and thought maybe? I’d lay down a little that here. Get a bigger Cup. Don’t insult the minute. How do I compete with this addiction?

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