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Pack Opening For My New Set!! Rougen Tcg!!


Before I begin, I’d like to announce honestly and quickly. I recently made a server on discord. If you’re interested in Rubin, there’s an updates tab alongside other people who are also interested in rooking to connect with. It’s also the absolute best place to ask me questions or have a nice chat with me. I’m always active, but that isn’t the last you’ve heard of that, not by a long shot. Hey, hey, this is Richie here from rookie tcg and today. How did this get here? Let me just get this out of the way. Join the discord! Oh, this, oh, sorry about that. Let me get that out of the way. Enjoy the discord. No, seriously, check it out. Go to the description, anywho. Today I’m following up on a fan request that I’ve had since I made my first pack opening and it’s to make a second pack opening. I have not one not two, not three, not four, not five, but zero plus six packs today for me to open now. These are gonna be a lot different from the previous packs because specifically, these ones are pertained exclusively to Rugen desperado west. You’re going to see a lot of unrevealed cards, and I’m not 100 certain on which ones I’ve revealed and which ones I haven’t, so I’m going to read every single one of them out like I did my previous pack opening, but now it’s going to take twice as long, obviously as you can see on our first three arts here, we have the card manifest destiny, which I’ve decided to call this branch of the Pax, The United we stand side of the booster packs and these feature a card that I have yet to reveal, but is another legendary from desperado West named life taker of the West. And I’ve decided to nomenclate these with the phrase divided we fall these cards say the same thing on the back, but I’ll read them out for the people who haven’t seen them before. So the contents of these are going to contain seven, guaranteed common cards, two common or rare cards and then one rare or potentially legendary. [MUSIC] Also, I’ve made it a note. If I happen to get a legendary, I will put life taker of the west in this one, and I will put manifest destiny in these packs with that being said. I think it’s time that we open up some packs. What do you say now? [MUSIC] I’m no longer going to be operating on a script, so expect me to say, uh, and, um, a lot more opening My first pack were starting off with a card You’ve never seen before, so this is a great start. This is body of the life taker, A common zero eight targeted, which means that this card has to be attacked before other cards that aren’t targeted when this loses defense gain plus 2 defense. Clearly, this card has a lot of survivability. The whole point of this card is to synergize with other cards that may or may not be this guy on the pack. We have old jailer, and this is I’m glad that I got this first because it’s important that I bring this up so a lot of the cards that were taken out in the great nibble. Which, of course, is the time that my rabbit ate? My cards have been given a simplified artwork because I had to remake them. So this is old jailer. Simplified artwork. And this is the original artwork. Now that we have that out of the way, there’s about 18 of those and I won’t be giving the original One For every single one. Just acknowledge that they exist. We have bank robbery. A common full effect. Play two zero one hostage tokens on your next turn. Draw, plus one extra cards per hostage, you control. We have varmint A common 2 1 free play. You may have up to 20 copies of varmint in your deck. We have liquid courage of the micro type. Pick your poison A creature, 6 attack 1 defense creatures that fight this creature have their attack and defense swap corrupt Sheriff A common to attack five health simplified artwork. This creature must be attacked last. It’s the opposite of targeted. We have moonshine, A common two attack, one health of the pick. Your poison microtype creatures that fight This creature have their attack and defense halved. We have a rattler, a common four attack, one defense. If an enemy creature is grave, this gains free play this turn. We have point minor. A rare two attack, four health simplified artwork. The first effect cards. You play per turn is free play. We have a rare card mess with the bull rare. Activate from your hand after you take direct damage. Free, play 144 the horn’s token mess with the bull. You get the horns. Let’s open up our second pack already. Seeing varmint live up to its name and infesting at least two packs. We have varmint back again! A Kaboom caravan! A common zero attack five health. When this loses defense, all enemy creatures lose minus One. Defense caravan is also a micro type boos, a common three attack, one defense of the micro type picture poison creatures that fight this creature lose minus two attack, very simple card. We have snake oil salesman. A common to attack two defense place, three snake oil tokens into your deck with the effect. Free play, give your creatures. Plus one plus one hostage caravan of a micro type caravan common zero attack five health. When this loses defense play a zero one hostage hostages have a lot of synergies. We have nerdy well. Speaking of synergies, a common four attack, one health. If you have a hostage, this is free play. We have vulture, A common two attack three health when a creature is grave, this gains plus one attack or defense that ore is very important and finally for this pack. We have gambling, man. A rare attack defense with the effect on cosplay. Great, the top card of your deck until you get a creature. Gain Its attack in defense. Clearly, if you wanted cars in the grave, then you would use this card to grave them and then also get some sustainability on the field. Interesting card. I could see it in a couple of synergies, lets. Open our next pack up. We have lone star simplified artwork, a common six attack for health, which is fantastic stats on cost play grave, all of your creatures and replace them with zero One hostage tokens. That’s not so good of an effect. I can’t think of many situations you’d want to have hostage. Tokens replace already decent cards in your field next up. We have vulture again. You know, the one that gets one attacker defense for them to die. You know, the one gains plus one attacker defense for every creature that dies. We have Kaboom Caravan, Which we’ve already seen before. We may see plenty of these because the entire set isn’t done just yet expect a few duplicates, especially of the Commons, as is the intention They aren’t supposed to be incredibly varied. And that’s why you’re getting seven of them, right. We have high noon. A common full effect. Creatures must attack if able for the next three turns. You may select to attack your creatures. [MUSIC] We have quick draw simplified artwork, a common one attack, five health on cosplay deal, one damage to all foes creatures. Similar to Kaboom caravan. The difference is that it is not able to be used multiple times. Unless you bring it back into your hand somehow, but that would take a lot of doing for a mediocre effect. We have buck and Bronco A common return. All of your cost-played creatures to your hand. We have twister! A common grave. All cards placed on the side of the field. That may sound strange to people who are unfamiliar with Rugen. Now there are many cards, for example, Steinhold’s castle or, for example, manifest destiny that are placed on the side of the field, meaning that they are effect cards that effectively stay on the field effectively effectively. I don’t know why I said that moving on. We have a duel. A rare card full effect destroy one creature on both sides of the field. The owner picks we have Burley miner, a common three attack three health while this is on the field. Flip the top card of your opponent’s deck. This is very interesting for if you’re trying to figure out exactly what game plan your opponent has. This is beneficial to you and your opponent, actually. Although I’d say it benefits the person who plays it a lot more, which is why it has lower stats than usual, and then finally, we have deadeye a rare to attack for health with simplified art with the effect When a creature is cosplayed, it loses -2 defense here. We have our first united. We stand pack. Hopefully it’s more lucky because we haven’t gotten a single legendary yet. Although I think we’ve gotten plenty of rare’s, liquid courage, A common six attack, one health creatures that fight this creature have their attack and defense swap. [MUSIC] We have a gunslinger, a common four attack six health higher stats than usual, but with the drawback, this card loses plus one damage from any damage. [MUSIC] cargo caravan of the micro type caravan, a common zero attack, five health targeted creature when this loses defense. Give your other creatures plus one plus one very powerful card. We have a wanted poster. A common effect card reading, select one foe’s creature that creature cannot lose more than half of its defense. This turn half. Its defense all that to say, essentially, you set it to half, but it can’t lose more than half of its defense. I could probably have worded that less for ghostly. I admit we have guns ablaze. It common deal one damage to the foe directly. Deck this card to deck. Something means to return it into your deck that you can draw it again. We have cozy camp. Oh, a common five attack, three health, no effect cargo caravan again as to be expected. It’s just a common car. Although if I’m gonna get a common car, I’m glad I got one. That was exceptionally good. We got a second old jailer. We got a second point minor, but this is a new card stampede, a rare deal, 10 damage to a creature. If that’s more than enough to grave, it use the remaining damage on another creature continue until all damage is done. [MUSIC] Let’s go ahead and open up our penultimate pack. Finally, some newer, newer cards. We have tumbleweed a one attack to help with the effect. When any tumbleweed card is played, all tumbleweeds gain plus one plus one forever. Interestingly enough about tumbleweed. It actually applies to your opponent’s cards as well meaning. If they’re playing cards, synergized around tumbleweed, you both are going to gain exceptional boosts from that. [MUSIC] We have Damsel in Distress. A simplified art common to attack to Defense Targeted Play 201 Hostage Tokens. We have a repeat of lone star a repeat of near duel A repeat of hostage Caravan. A repeat of moonshine, okay. Some newer cards. Finally, jeepers, creepers. We have them’s fighting words full of effect placed on the side of the field name and archetype creatures of that archetype with minus one minus one after this card is destroyed. Give them plus two plus two. I explained this card a lot more in my previous video. It’s labeled a new type of card. We have shoddy Scarecrow. A rare zero attack 10 defense targeted creature. We have a repeat of cozy camp and then we have lasso, er. A rare on play, play a zero one hostage token for each enemy creature and this should be our final pack. Do whatever you need to do to imbue it with luck right now. I’ll give you about three seconds. Thank you very much now. Let’s get cracking, stop the lip smacking and let’s get to cracking. We have a repeat of snake oil salesman. A repeat of quick, draw a repeat of rattler a repeat of guns, a blazin a repeat of damsel in distress, A repeat of twister a repeat of burly minor. Oh, okay, we finally stopped getting repeats at the rare cards. Now let’s show them what we got. Bandita, a rare four attack, five defense creature when this card is attacked deck this card and play a zero one hostage token before the fight. This is essentially a card that allows you to get a free hostage in the field. Every time you play it. It has decent stats, but you’re never going to get to use them. We have refreshing bartender. A rare one attack for defense creature on cosplay. Swap your deck and grave. I’m sure that you can imagine plenty of synergies with this card. Just in general, it seems like a card You’d want to have. You just want to keep the fight going. And finally we have steam engine. A rare to attack for health simplified art with the effect. This creature cannot lose more than two defense per turn, and that is all look at that bulky pile of new cards. They’re a little curved. I think that’s because I pulled them out. Silly hard to say, but I don’t know about you. [MUSIC] But it’s a little anticlimactic to not end up with a legendary this time [Music]. I have an idea. [MUSIC] What’s this? This one’s going rogue? It’s getting a a card put into it magically. What on e gets well? I guess I gotta open this one. I must have forgot. I must be doing life. Taker of the west, a four attack, two defense creature with the effect on cost play grave. All of your zero attack creatures and play one copy of this card for each. The synergies with this card are only found exclusively in desperado west. Any hostage token would transform into a 4-2 Any of the caravans would transform into a 4-2 This is a game-ending card. If you use it at the right time, and interestingly enough, there are actually two cards that also synergize with life taker of the west. We saw one which was body of the life taker, and there’s one that I’ve yet to reveal called spirit of the life taker, which I’ve already revealed enough by giving away what this guy is, so I think you’ll have to forgive me for not particularly revealing everything in desperado West. There are still a decent amount of unrevealed cards. Now, desperado. West is only in its infancy about halfway done, so it’s hard to say exactly what the final product will look like, but it can be reasonably assumed. If you were to purchase packs, they may look something like that. That’s not to say packs are for sale just yet. Don’t get started on that can of worms. I get that one a lot. They may be for sale. If I can find enough people reasonably willing to purchase them. Maybe, like five. I think I think that five is a fair number. I don’t think I would use the game. Crafter, though. Well, these are all thoughts for a different time now. If you like this video, and you want to see more pack openings specifically, then let me know in the discord. That’s right, I’m back on it back on my. You know what I’m never going to cut this out until every single person all 200 and something of you are subscribed and joining the discord. I think it’d make for a wonderful non-toxic community. I’m always active. No, seriously! Check it out! Go to the description, it’s always there and I’m always there. Now that being said, I still don’t have an outro. Where am I going to go after? I’m done with everything that I do it? Just it seems like a reasonable concept that I would come up with something at some point. Some part of my life.

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