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Real Life Practical Application Scenario


All right, so this is out of Baltimore back on May 8th as it clearly states on the screen. Uh, dude named Everton. Brown apparently lost his [ __ ]. This all started at like, 6 30 6 40 in the morning. When when all the crazy people are awake and moving around for some reason. Um, he forces his way into like a neighbor’s house. Stabs, one person. Another person flees the home. He shoots that person. Two other people show up from a neighboring house to see what’s going on. He shoots them and then in the midst of all this [ __ ] he somehow manages to set his own home on fire. I don’t know, so this video here. This is the actual, uh, critical incident review from, uh, Baltimore County. But I skipped over as you can see about 10-ish minutes of it because it’s just the back-and-forth radio traffic and I did not want to drag you guys through that. Um, if you want to watch it, I’m going to include the link for this video in the, uh, description here. So you can go back and watch the whole thing, but this is, uh. This is the body, Cam. So I kind of want to see what what happens here. When when Mr Brown gets confronted because this sounds like a cluster [ __ ] from the jump! Holy [ __ ]! [MUSIC] 26 House sure is [Music] [Music]. Drop the gun! Go go go go go move in. Move in [Music] for that good use of cover [Music]. Oh, did he put him down with one shot from there? What, dude, that is bonkers. 26 satisfied, fired subject, dude. He put him down with one shot. Come on, [ __ ] face for [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]! I need you to go back. Ah, see, I got the [ __ ] volume highlighted and I didn’t want the volume highlighted. I want this! No, you dirty [ __ ] there! We go come on Chuck 26 Fire truck, fire subject down, all right. [MUSIC] son! Hey, man, hats off! That’s got to be what, 30 40 yards, easy and good use good use of cover Good use of of what you’ve got in front of you like. Why not take a supported shot. If you’ve got the option of taking a supported shot, right, I mean, it just makes sense. 26 Fire chats fired subject down and Kelly’s Maury and Kelly’s. What’s up Jack? Down, Calm as [ __. ] dude good! He’s still got the gun. He’s still got the gun he’s still got. [MUSIC] Somebody’s got a long gun, right [Music] [Music] [Music]. Hey, man, right off the off the jump, man. This dude is doing solid work. He he didn’t hesitate to get out of the car. He didn’t hesitate to put rounds on target from distance. He didn’t hesitate to take the shot when he had it. He’s directing traffic as the, uh, the other units roll in, and then he’s despite dude stepping in front of him, He’s running the show, right, He’s running the show and once he recognized that this guy was down, it’s pushed forward. They had it. They had it. So why not take that opportunity? I mean, this is this is. This is pretty cool and that house is burning the [ __ ] down, you know? [MUSIC] foreign [Music] up [Music] up! Oh, [Music] [Music] Okay [Music] all right, it’s a real [ __ ] to handcuff people when you’re [ __ ] when you’re adrenaline spiked right because you, you’re trying to, you’re trying to manipulate their limbs and try to manipulate the handcuffs and everything sometimes. If you just big breath, work the problem, get the handcuffs on. He got that [Music]. Oh, [Music] there we go over here. [MUSIC] Why not because that could be your crime scene, right, so we’re going to preserve evidence. Best we can maybe, uh, go ahead and get a warrant before we start entering homes like that, just for the safety and security of not only the the the victims, but for the case itself. [MUSIC] Yeah, there’s the guy in the black, the god of blessings. Hey, tell her go to the gunfight out. [MUSIC] Anybody [Music] you know, breaks hot as hell boy rolling up, pushing that brake pedal all the way to the floor. [MUSIC] [Music] muzzled. So he’s taking timed and he’s trying to make well-placed shots, right, so you got a couple when when when he comes around the the the car there, a couple of the officers. It’s just bam bam bam bam bam slide lock, lets! Go again, a couple of these guys. The first guy that we watched in this guy seemed to be a a bit more judicious. The first guy was [. __ ] ice cold, dude. He was just he was just doing work. This guy. Once he got his [ __. ] together seems to be making well played shots and trying to trying to make sure that he’s putting rounds. Uh, so that they count get down. Go go, um. [MUSIC] All right, so really, what we’re seeing here in in my humble opinion is not a case of too many chiefs. Not enough Indians. You’ve got a coup a couple of guys on scene that are taking charge. Their, uh, first priority is getting this idiot into custody and, uh. I I’m wondering if there was any thought given to. What if there is more than one shooter, right, so we’re focused on this guy. Is anybody else looking around and making sure that he’s alone? And I’m sure that I’m sure that they did the other thing that they’re doing is making sure that they’re getting These victims recovered, right. You got to get the shooter down and in custody before you contend to the other to the other victims. Because you can’t help them if you’re dead. So I mean, it’s solid work. [MUSIC] Right now, we have only at the shooter. Answer one question. [MUSIC] And, uh, we have another one [Music] [Music] house. Come on [Music] please! [music] yeah. We got the shooter. Hey, Baltimore County Police [Music]. I don’t know if I understood correctly. The people that lived in this particular townhouse. It’s the one attached to the one That’s on fire are two of the victims. [music] Yes [Music]. Somebody should have stayed with that gun and I. I mean, either. Pick it up! Secure it! Which is, you know, you want to leave as much stuff in place as you can. So when crime scene people show up, they can photograph everything in place, but in a situation like this [ __ ]. Secure the weapon. If you can. You don’t want to leave it laying out there because you don’t know who’s going to come along and pick it up. Um, man, those guys. I mean, that that that’d be right about shift. Change for us 6 30 6 40 in the morning night shift going off day shift coming on, guys got up that morning, Were finishing up their shift That night didn’t know that that today was the day today was the day that they had to do the work. I I mean, what a complete like this. This is a scenario that somebody makes up in a classroom and they feed it to you like at the crisis house or something. They’re telling you, all right, here’s. This [ __ ] out of control situation. You’ve got a fully engulfed home on fire. You’ve got four or five victims, gunshot stab victims and one guy with a with a gun. And he’s gonna be [ __ ] spitting rounds at you when you show up what the [ __ ] is going on. I hats off to these guys, man. Because they they handled this. They handled this in first dude on scene Ice. [ __ ] cold did the [ __ ] So I mean, yeah. This seems like a well-coordinated agency. There were a couple of things, you know? Some people getting flagged and some muscle discipline, but at the end of the day, stressful situation. Shit’s gonna happen like it is what it is, but this was. This was a lot of stuff going on all at the same time, they they did the important stuff they got. The shooter stopped. That was the priority. They got the shooter in custody. That was a priority. They tended the other victims. They made sure that the adjacent houses were clear they thought about. Maybe there’s another shooter. All of these things that were popping into my head as we were rolling through this, they they answered. I mean, [ __ ]! You guys saw anything on this? Drop in the comment section down below, please sub to the channel. I greatly appreciate it and, uh. Hey, tip of the hat there to Baltimore County. You guys be good can’t. Be good! Be good at it. We’ll see you next time. Be safe!

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