Python 3.6 Vs 3.5 | Is Python 3.8 So Different From Python 3.6 … In The Real World?

Stefan Mischook

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Is Python 3.8 So Different From Python 3.6 ... In The Real World?


Hey, guys, let’s talk about the versions of Python, So this video is going to look at the different versions of Python, the 2x branch and the 3x branch. I’m gonna explain what that is, and you’re also going to learn about software versioning, and how to understand of them in general. So let me just jump into it. So in Python, you have two big branches. You have the 2x branch, so you got. Python to point it start out with 2.0 and 2.1 2.2 and then you have the 3x version of Python 3 3.1 3.2 3 Whatever right now, as a record this. Python is at 3.8 now. The first thing you gotta understand is that the major versions are really the significant versions. Most of the time would I be? What do I mean by the major version version 2 of Python versus version 3 So if you have a Python code, that’s written in Python to point me. Ting acts could be 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 etc. That Python will not be compatible at least not a hundred percent compatible with Python 3 point X 3.1 3.2 three four point, five, six, seven eight and the reason they decided to create a second branch of Python think of a branch like a tree branch. The first branch of Python, The 2x branch is here, And then you got the 3x branch here And the reason they decided to create a new. Python is because I guess The old Python code base is a 2x branch code base, which just just had some fundamental problems with it that they decide. It was better just to rebuild from scratch. You see this? Every once in a while was studio Web version, 1 2 3 and 4 3 1 2 3 was one branch of code if you will one code base and with 2d web for we rewrote from scratch a brand new code base because the old code was just so old that we had to let it let it go. You see this with other major projects or real major project? Mac Os Mac Os 1 through 9 Was I think Pascal based Pascal programming language? It was designed for computers at that time, and Steve Jobs made the hard choice of saying well with the next version of Mac OS were gonna have to use a whole new operating system so they used the next operating system. I talked about this in a video recently. Anyhow, so you have the major version the major minor version so within? Python you? The 2x branch, which is 3 X branch. If you have a Python app written for 2x it’s not gonna work Probably in 3x you’re gonna have to rewrite some of the code. It’s not huge, but it still has to be done. There’s a be, they’ll have to be some work done now. How big of a difference is it? Video is sponsored by Kite, which is a machine learning powered plug-in that works with major code editors like Atom vs. Co sublime, them and Pycharm. And basically they use machine learning to superpower code completions. So I’m showing you kite in action so you can see how it works. Kite uses ranked completions that are sorted by relevance rather than popularity or alphabetical order. Kite has line of code completion, so it completes a full line of code. They have something called intelligent snippets, which is an advanced function, call experts using machine learning to suggest placeholder values. Finally, if you look on the right-hand side as the cursor moves, you see, an example of something called Cold Pilot, which basically displays the docs relative to wherever your cursor happens to be one of the big selling points for me about kites is it will reduce the number of lines of code that you write by as much as 50 percent as you know. I don’t take many sponsors. So this is a worthwhile product to get into and its free link is below in terms of the code that you write it might be. I don’t know 75 85 90 percent, the same. It’s hard to say, so it’s not a huge job to convert a Python to app to Python 3 but it’s a there’s no question about their our converter software out there, but it’s not perfect, but anyway, these days, if you’re writing Python, you should not even think about using Python to definitely use the Python 3 branch. I just mention this because we’re learning about versioning and software and subversion, which we’re gonna get into soon and you’re also learning about. Well, Also, you might run into some Python -. Once you know some old apps you might have to update and, you know, so let’s jump into the subversion, so you got the the major versions, which are two, the two branch and the three branch and any of the subversion so 2.1 that’s the subversion 2.1 2.2 That’s another subversion, it’s 2.3 and I guess you get to it Sub subversion, so you got to point one point two to point 1 point 3 to point one point four and the same thing on the 3x brush we have 3.1 3.2 3.0 and five six seven eight, and you can have three point seven point two now. Why do they have major versions and sub versions? Major version means a big, huge break from the previous version, so when you go from two to three massive break in Python different code base, but when you go to a subversion 3.1 3.2 point three point three, this is typically almost not typically, it’s always a much more minor update. There will be total if not complete backward compatibility between if you write code for three point five and your writing and your pythons writing in your sweeter and your Python code is running in version of three point eight of Python. Chances are your code is going to run perfectly fine. You may have to change. One or two things, typically in the sub sub versions and the sub versions. You’re gonna have small additions and bug fixes. Really, you’re gonna see with a subversion, but it’s gonna break the previous code. So there you go, so when you see a subversion, come out, you should kind of just glance at it. See, okay. This is what they’ve done you. So what I did when I created My Python course I created it. I started planning at 3.5 I wrote most of it. When Python was in three six and an hour at 3.8 was released recently. Is there a difference between 3.6 3.8 minor minor difference? You can go to the Python? – go to pythonorg. You can actually see what is the differences. A lot of it is additions Behind-the-scene’s stuff. It won’t affect you as a Python coder or your understanding of Python, So some people have asked. Are you can update the Python course, and I go No, because what that what I teach in Python V, It hasn’t changed at all as far as I can tell. I took a look in 3.78 like not at all. There’s no difference at all, so there’s no reason, and so how about the new stuff they’ve included in Python 3.6 3.7 the new stuff, a lot of it may be marginally used and not central to what? I wanted to teach that being said. I don’t, I’m not saying that it’s not important stuff. I’m sure it is important to given circumstances now. This brings me back to a broader question with regards to learning technology and code so on the broader that the it comes to the philosophy, My need to nerd philosophy, you have to look at learning technology and programming languages from a neat nerd philosophy point of view. It is not possible, but you’re going to know everything about. Python Python is fast. Its fast, huge language. That’s part of its power is that it can do so much, so it’s not possible It’s not reasonable to think that you’re going to learn even 3/4 of it. Let alone the whole thing it’s not possible, so that’s OK, because once you understand? Python and the ecosystem how it works and the basics of the language you’ve written one or two things, then you will learn what you need to learn at the time need to new philosophy, It’s my little play on words, based on the need to know philosophy. Yeah, and this goes for any programming language or any technologies. You keep an eye out on what the changes are and you know? What are the easy ways to check whether or not you have to update your? Python code is let’s say you wrote Python code for three point six or three point seven and three point eight comes out and you decide to upgrade and you don’t necessarily have to upgrade your Python to do that, but you decide to upgrade the runtime. Basically, Python code has to be run by the Python app, so you upgrade to a three point eight and you throw in your Python code, your three point, six Python code or you brought it with us Three point six and chances are youll. Seal, run just fine if something has changed the. Python interpreter will tell you well say. Hey, you know, you got to change this here. Okay, then you’ll learn how many changes no big deal. So when you’re looking at versions of software, whether it be programming language is whether it be a frameworks like an expression, A S or a PT laravel or Python Django or flask. You have to pay more attention to the major versions. That’s where you’re gonna have significant changes like when Python One from 2x – 3 X less consideration less concerns about the minor updates, usually a lot of times of minor updates or just bug fixes and optimizations, which probably will not break. Your code might optimize your code might make your code run faster, but it won’t break it like you see in the PHP world. They went from Php 5 At one point, it was like five point one and two and four whatever, and then I went to a major version. They skipped six for political and not political, but for marketing reasons, they skipped six was version six of Php, and he went to PHP seven now. Php seven was a huge overhaul because of the fact it they they rewrote a lot of stuff. They changed core behavior to add a lot of capability in terms of object oriented PHP. But again, most of your PHP five code will work just fine in Php Seven. You get the idea, so I hope you found this video informative. And there you go if you want to learn. Python, you want word learn web development. Check below, got my links. I got a shamelessly pure self promote, and I have a Web hosting company. Who will pay for your training with me? Check the link below. You buy hosting from them for one year. That’s the only obligation you’re gonna need a website. If you’re gonna learn to code, you’re gonna want to get a job. You can need a website to have your place on the web. Maas will have the web hosting company. P for your training, so you link below, take you to a page and you just click through and you choose. What hosting program you want? And yeah, and then you send me the receipt and I’ll unlock. Whatever you want whatever package you want. You see, there’s a couple packages in there, and that’s about it. We’ll talk soon. I hope you found this video informative.

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