Plotly Boxplot | Plotly Data Visualization In Python | Part 18 | Box Plot Chart In Plotly

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Plotly Data Visualization In Python | Part 18 | Box Plot Chart In Plotly


Hi, there! Welcome back to the next video and in this video. I will show you how you can create a boxplo’t figure using plotly, so boxplot is a very useful figure. If you have seen it earlier, it’s kind of a five number summary where you have quartile 1 content 3 upper whisker, lower whisker median value and gives you a very good indication when you need to compare how your data is distributed. How many outliers are there? And you want to just have a quick snapshot of thousands or maybe millions of values in just one single plot so here. I will show you a little complex example. Not a very basic example so that you can clearly understand, so what? I’m using here is basically the data set from our previous videos like orders, data set and this data set has different dimensions like order priority. You have Region Province customer segment, So what I will do is I will just choose the customer segment and based on the different customer segments, we will create the box plot so one box plot for small business, another one consumer just to see how they are distributed if they are significantly same or different. What what the situation is alright? So let’s first create the data set, so car is so we are creating for corporate because I’m aware that there is corporate, But if you are not aware and you want to do that? Wow, in that case, what you can do is you can say orders, customer segments and quickly what I use is value in the score counts, so what it gives me the name unique name as well as their respective value, so both the information I can get. So there are lot of orders for customer segments corporate, then for Home Office, consumer and small. Alright, so from here, I will just say Corps and orders start sales and within that, what I will say is orders customer segment. It is copy that instead of type how does equals to equals to God rate? Right if I go in? Yeah, absolutely fine. Okay, so what? I’ll do without this, copy this and make it four. So one is home. Offers one is consumer One is SMB small business, so corporate is changing here to face and then business perfect. Okay, so now here what we will do is we will create traces for traces so trace 0 and we will say co dot box and within that we will specify the value of Y because it happens on the other Y Axis. One is Corp. Give it a name may be hot, right, but that’s pretty much it right. Copy this paste, so trace one for consumer and let’s give it consumer, right and raise to is basically your alright. So trace one is consumer, which I should have given as two, but that’s okay, so no issues in that. I can give it home office. That would be probably third box plot in this case on your chart and raise three. Is your SMB. So data is so these are very, very minimum settings and I’m doing, but this is highly customizable, right, so once you are good, then you can just deep down into it. Trace to trace 3 which is distribution of customer segments distribution of sales by customer. See, should be OK. It create a figure which is go. Data is all of these liabilities. I have already loaded in the previous video, so I’m not doing it again and again. So if you are finding it from where I’m using, go from where I’m using Pyo, I would suggest that you follow it because showing it again and again would probably you waste time for another like, 10 seconds. So Py or plot fake perfect. OK, so now you see that we have a lot of outliers box. Plot is showing a similar distribution. So what I can do is to see it a better picture. I can slice it by dragging the mouse, and this shows that very similar kind of a distribution that each of these guys, and that may be a cause of worry for you because you may be expecting a variance over here as compared to consumer or a home office, right Because Home Office is significantly different from corporate so there should be a high expense. Maybe if you go by, let’s say what kind of things that they are buying, which is furniture technology and all you may find distribution, but if you just look at from the perspective of your customer segment, this is something which you need to worry about right but yeah. I mean, you can. You can take in fearian sirs. Based on your observations. And what kind of business? I just wanted to give you an idea. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. How you can create different box plots on the chart. And, yeah, if you like this video, go ahead and hit the like button. Give me an encouragement, and if you want these videos directly into inbox. Wow, just go ahead and subscribe it, so that’s pretty much it and I will meet in the new video. Then you topic?

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