Needtoknow Addon | A Quick Guide To Needtoknow [wow Addon]


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A Quick Guide To Needtoknow [wow Addon]


Hello, this is LA. BL, aka ocean default. And in this video. I’m going to give you a quick guide to the add-on need to know, like I said, It’s just gonna be quick and basic guide. I’m only gonna show you spell Cooldowns debuffs and buffs. I think those are pretty much the basic things that most people want to show when they’re writing or just to help them with their class, anything else feel free to explore the hedonic and obviously track a lot more than that right so to start out. Let me show you the head on in action as you can see. These bars moving up here are indeed the. I don’t need to know I have a little. I have a few more bars in this, but this is just to show you a little bit. Oh, great, let me clip. Gough, some of my buffs. So I don’t get distracted because I get distracted sort of easily. Alright, so first when you download the down and you get into the game type slash need to know, and it will show bars that you’ve already set up or it will show you three gray bars. When it’s your first time, cleave the 17 just like this. You can already size up the atom or size up the bars by goofing around with the little tab right here, also, if you go into your interface and go to your add-ons but need to know, and you can see your different groups, There’s four of them and this one’s group floor. There’s a maximum of six bars per group minimum of one, So you can that will start with three and you can change the appearance. Oh, the parents of all the bars on the background color right now. I just have it. Set the black the bar spacing, the bar textures like this and the bar padding for the background. I don’t really like much background from, so put it on very little and the font to show buffs and debuff’s either name, but then once you have that figured out, then it’s time to set up your bars in general, and you might want to set up your bars before you mess with the fault. So the first one and easiest one to set up first is a spell cooldown. So first, you right-click on it. Make sure the bars enable. Then you go to bar type and spell cool down. Then you want to go to the choose buff slash debuff to time. Enter the spell that you’ll want to keep track of the cooldown. For this one, we will do mine. Blast even I already have to set up. Just cuz it’s easy for me to do. Then you go to time format and you can pick for it to show just just minutes minutes and seconds or fractional seconds, so this one will just go with minutes and seconds, because that’s what I prefer. You can also have it show the icon of the spell or the debuff or name stacks if they’re stacks and things like that, so feel free to think around at that. If there are no stacks you can sell, reject and just won’t show up. You can show the visual cast time and give it blinks but settings. But that’s something you can mess around with yourself. It’s nothing super important, and then, of course you can set the color. Let’s make it red, bright red, all right, so then you have it setup, and then you hit need to know again to make the bar disappear, which actually mean it’s activated, we test it, and voila, it shows the cooldown of a mindless as soon as it runs out means my glass is ready cast again, so now that we have a spell cooldown, let’s do a debuff same general start, put a bar type. Click Debug name the debuff. So for this one, Let’s do shadow wear, let’s give. [MUSIC] And for the time format will do minutes and seconds again and the only thing that you want to make sure with debuffs. Then after you generally set that up, it’s very important is go into debuff settings and go to unit to monitor. If you have it set on yourself. It’s obviously not gonna work when you’re trying to track a debuff on a target, so you want a click target And of course, there’s other options. If you feel the need to do those, and then you also want to make sure to check that, it’s only cat fur to only show up if it’s guessed by you unless you want to keep track of everybody else’s, so we to make sure that it works. We’ll, do slash need to know again, and voila, it shows our shadow word pain timer. The nice thing about the debuff setting is then when I click on another target, it goes away because that target doesn’t have that debuff click back to the target with it and appears again pretty handy when you’re trying to work through multiple mobs, and then Lastly, let us go to buffs so again buffs. Eddie or Bar type? Click buff for this one will keep track of when I prop my shadow orbs, make sure for buff settings that the unit to monitor is yourself again unless you’re monitoring somebody else for a time format. Let’s do fractional seconds to be wild and crazy. I want to make sure for this that I have a stack count because I can get up to three shadow orbs, and I would like to know when I had that money and for the bar color, Let’s do great and that’s it up, so I once again enable it. Let’s play Rng! There we go. I practice shadow orb up. And I proc to you. And as you can see by the one we just. I showed you and set up right over here, but it’s properly showing that and two for your surprise. That’s pretty much all this in the atom. I prefer need to know, simply because it’s really simple, and I like it. Because when you download down, everything’s it cleans light. You set it up yourself and it’s really easy. It’s not one of those timer add-on’s that come preset up for your class. I like to customize everything in. Make sure it’s to my liking, so I like that. It’s clean to begin with, and yeah, so that’s about it. Thank you for watching the video, and I appreciate the comments and suggestions that you leave. If you have an add-on in particular, you would like a basic guide to. I’ll feel free to suggest it or send me a message. Otherwise, I hope you’re having a fantastic day and thank you for watching this video.

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