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Mallet Quick Start Tutorial


Hello, everyone! This is a quick tutorial on how to download and start using mallet. So first you go to a website mallet. That’s es that you must add Edu slash. Download that PHP, and you download the zip file. In our case, we already downloaded the file, so we’re not going to download it again. Just remember where you downloaded the file, so you just click. Save and that file is going to be saved. Then we extract the file. We’re going to extract the file into the C. Drive, so you just take the file from WinRAR and and drag it to to the C Drive. We already did this step. So you just go to the C. Drive and we’re gonna see the the folder is here. It was extracted in here, so you have to rename this file to mallet for be able to use it for in the command prompt, and we need also to add the environment variable that we’re gonna do soon so first we run the the command. Prompt, let’s do that. And then we change the directory to see the C. Drive and the folder that we just downloaded and extract it. So we are here and to see that mullet is correctly. Working we’re gonna run this command, which, when you download the mullet and and running for the first time, it’s not going to work. It’s going to say that you’re missing the environment variable so for that, we are to add the environment variable. You go to your control panel and the system properties and then from system properties, you’ll go to advanced system settings, add environment variables. You add a new a new one, but we already added, so the variable name will be mullet on the score home or uppercase, and then the the value will be where we extracted the file name. We named it so C slash mullet. So you click new and you add those values in there in our case, we already added it, so we’re not gonna add it again, so let’s just skip this step, and then we see that the is working and these are the following commands that you can run with the file, so we want to import that directory with text with some text files in them, so we’re just gonna copy this and see what we can do with import directory command. So you have many many parameters that you can do with the import directory command, so lets. Just see the files that we’re going to use for this demo. So in Malat actually provides a sample data that we can use in a demo, so we go to sample data Web. English, and it has actually twelfth documents here that we can use in our tutorial, so that’s we’re going to what we’re going to be using. So we actually we’re going to create a tutorial that Mallett file that is the file that mother is going to use to classify all those documents, so we’re going to import directory and all these parameters were going to tell the folder where where it is located and the output file and then we’re not going to keep the sequence and remove the stop words. So let’s do that right now, and but something happened. Let’s try again, Ctrl. V and it says that the file was created. So let’s look there. Let’s look at mallet and let’s go to mallet and the file was created in here, Voila. So we proceed with the next command that is going to use the file to classify classify the document, So let’s do that so as you can see here, What this one does is it train? The topics from the file that we just created and we actually want 20 topics and all those values are explaining here, but I also generate files that we put here the Apple files. One is output topic keys. And which is the store, a key stat text and the other one is to draw a composition that text. So we go, we go here. When these files are created here tutorial composition as you can see and and tutorial keys, so let’s open this file with with WordPad so you can see so this one is all the classes that he created and the subjects of those classes. So these are the subjects for the 20 classes that we pass, so it goes from 0 to 19 which is the number that we put. How many classes we want it? And then the other file that is the tutorial composition that’s going to say the number of the file and and what percentage of each subject it has. So, you know, in my case we already downloaded and did this process and and open this file with. Excel and I did some modification to this file. I added this, which is actually the number of each class that that we are created. You can see in here, let’s see open with and nor WordPad so here you can see clearly, so the subjects the the main subject of each class. So this is class 0 class 1 and has all these words, so this is actually corresponds to those classes, and then this is the percentage of each each of those documents. So here you have the number of the document and where the document is located with the the name of the text file and here. I also added this column right here. Which is actually the maximum value. This we correspond to this one in this row. It’s the maximum value, so the main subject of that document particular so this document called. Elizabeth, need Nadeem. The dam is subject number 3 and these are the words in that subject. So, voila! This is a quick tutorial on how to uninstall and start using a mallet. It’s actually very simple after you do the first time so good luck. Thank you for listening.

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