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Angel Garcia

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Particle Photon Lm35, Publish Y Ifffft


OK, good morning. This is part 2 of the continuation of our learning of the particle. My name is angel. Àngel García Cerda for the subject programming mobile devices technology school technological institute in Nuevo León with Professor David. But what we have to take into account when we are going to install our our sensor, Lm 35 in our particular. Is that take into account the voltage of the legs? We have to bear in mind that this is the feed. This is the reading analog and this is the ground. The function of a transistor is that transmits current from point to point B. But depending on the amount of reading, you give is going to change your. Let’s say that as this is, one of your temperature material will react at temperature and transmit at a totally different current. That is the one that our particle is going to read current is the one that will give us information fed our practical now to connect it. We have analog ground and voltage reading what we are going to do is connect those legs corresponding to the gender. What is the ground, Vin? What is the power or voltage? And to any slot that tells 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 that the technological connectors are the ones on the side. Right are that they are. Digital connectors is something that we have to take into account when we are assembling parts in our in our practice, It is here, my part that is already connected to the network to that of my other computer of this from here I can. Can I install flashing code from temperature? What it does here is that we introduce a variable value is an object value for saying. What is it that we are going to assign the reading? The double value is to handle variables and digit variables, but in addition to common digits and is for double integers for digits with zero point zero more than nothing. We declare one for the reading, another for the voltage and another for the temperature. Those are the variables for what we are going to declare later in our sector. We established that. I assumed that the particle variable will ser is going to be a reading of an integer and we are going to call it analog analog. Then the other variables will be a dual property voltage reading and another that will be temperature that will also be everything these notes to establish our variables here. We just define them and here we now establish our loop in our look to be our look is to tell you how you are going to relate those variables and how it is going to receive them here. What we say since Reding is the same to the analog reading of the slot, A 0 to 0 is an ID that has it as you can see this identifier that identifies this slot. Then if I want my code to recognize my transistor, I have to ground voltage and analog readout. What is this steel? Once it gives us Our device does the voltage calculation and makes also a calculation for the air temperature More than anything helps us to give it an interval in which we will run this loop. This look is going to run to us every 9 seconds so to speak. It is the law that assigns this to this this loop now with the same as it is very cold. I think I’m going to set the temperature that it detects me to be greater than 18 to 18 degrees Celsius now. If the opening is greater, it is equal to or greater than 18 our our program us. Going to post in temperature, the temperature and we will jump a message free of heat and another. This second is very important for what our later. I will explain what it is, the ife this, but more than anything we put this other public so that the ide of Particles do not fight for the same public and what is different, achieves differentiate differentiate what the and FT is linked to the with the banknote particle and sometimes have to fight over the same variable area and one does not know interpret the other when the console does interpret it but public, but the IFE TT does not know how to recognize it because it has already grasped it. So that is why we add this second public. Once we make it ours. Ours, this particle or we assemble our code. The code will change the color, Magenta, and then a green and our particular starts and it’s cyan once it’s cyan. Now we can. Now we can connect our transistor. We put the d go. Lgd is the cable, the first cable of the time, the first the first right leg. The first right leg generate the analog is the middle leg is quite easy, but we connect this to the first slot to zero. Which is the one that we set in our code? It is the one that we established our code already last and it is the energy code in our last leg. What is the first on the left and put it in Bing? Once all our legs are connected. It might already seem like an article. You are already reading, and he’s already reading it now. We go to consoles to console and that is where our part that is going to start posting our in each interval. The events they are publishing. Right now, no event is appearing because makes it clearer that within what you believe now approached as you can see, I am saying the temperature in which the transistor feels is now what I am going to approach the turbine of the turbines that I have by laptop and it will start heating up if it started to get hot enough and is going to keep getting hotter, and those are the cedants that our part is publishing to us. Now once I am passing, I will explain how to link our our app and Ft let’s go. Maya, let’s not need the first one in effect, lets. Go me my applets here! I already tried one with Gmail and another with Hotmail. It is perfectly possible with the two. I started. We started with a new bet. First apply IFD. And if this happens, let’s go to particle services particle. If it is again, this more is published that nothing is useful for in case of an event is an action to dor. A device event does not occur again. This is detected by the FT with the match. The public point that is in our code. It is in our code there. It is particular public. The boss will receive that event event. Let’s say in this case. A lot of heat, which is the one that we have free to use. Let’s be free to use. We have free use. We create an edit extreme trigger. It’s the only one I have because that’s what it’s called device then. If you do this, you will do this to us Because that Twitter message of Tumbo lr. Whatever I am going to choose one of Hotmail email. OK, send me an email when the event happens. [MUSIC] As is and ex blonde, that’s the name of my hot public particle That is in the code. Then send me an email to this email address in the end it did, and I activate it once I have it activated. Once it is activated, we can directly to our Hotmail page and start this hot start that hot. In a few moments we will begin to receive status messages. There is great and this was quick and there it is trust. This is how we receive warning messages from us. If I put an interval or a lower than 0 which is the maximum that this can run yes of mediating messages quickly, then it is not that I put them in an interval. A couple of seconds for him to send me email every every X amount of time, and I think that would be the last thing. It would be missing. We can turn this off at once, and that’s all that has to do with the public, EFE TT Post Link, etc, for a more detailed guide. I will put the link a link to a PDF file where you can follow step by step with images, the procedure all this procedure in more detail something we have to have very note that on page 7 We have to set the address in the one that you are going to send us to send the emails. You are going to send us the information that is all. Thank you very much for your attention. See, you see you later, thanks.

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