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The Adjustable Front Sight For The Mosin-nagant M91/30 - Euclidean Machine Works


Hi. Travis, here with Euclidean Machine works and I’m out here at a local shooting spot with my Mosin. Nagant days are very popular rifle. In total, the Russians made about 37 million of these things in various forms. This one’s the 91/30 These are a great rifle. They’re very popular. They’re powerful, They’re accurate if you can get them sighted in, and that sometimes is the difficulty this bottom is out at 100 meters and this front sight is not adjustable for elevation. This is the original that’s on here. So we manufactured one that is fully adjustable, which I’m going to show to you today. The sight comes with an adjustment tool, which is really handy and it’s gonna be the only thing that you need to remove this one. Install the new one and I’ll show you that right away here. So here’s the adjustment tool. Now there are similar adjustment tools on the market, but you’ll notice a couple differences about this One One. Is this graduated wheel, which is really handy. Each mark is going to represent one inch at 100 yards. So that’s going to give you controlled measurable adjustment. The other thing that is nice about This is the Allen Keys that you need store right on board so instead of making an adjustment with the Allen Key. Put this in your pocket, you lose it. No, it just slides right back in on here. So the way this is used, you can use this to remove the original sight. You wind this screw out. This just fits over the barrel right here. You don’t even need to remove the cleaning rod. There’s enough clearance in there and you can just wind this screw in, and that will push the sight all the way out now. If you’ve got a really stiff sight. This Allen Key will fit a hex head right there. My sight is not all that tight, so I can just do it with my fingers. You can get the key back in, and that’s gonna push this site all the way out there you go so to install the new site, you’ll take this fit it over, and you’ll see that there’s enough clearance in here for the site to fit and just get started in the Dovetail. Some are tighter than others. You don’t just wind this in, then push that site in until it’s about centered, and then you start dialing it in now, you can use these graduations as I mentioned. Each mark will be one inch at 100 yards, so that makes your windage adjustments really easy. Here’s the part you’re really gonna like you can wind this screw right out of the tool, and it fits a threaded hole in the top of the site globe now again because we machine these right from scratch. We were able to put this threaded hole in the hole, and the stock sites is bigger and won’t won’t accept this thread, so you’ll wind this down until it makes contact with the top of the post and let’s say your rifle shooting five inches high. You’ll back it off with the marks. One, two, three, four five, then take the small Allen key out of the tool. Loosen this set screw. And then instead of trying to get your fingers inside the globe, you take this the Allen key that you already have in your hand and the back end of that fits a little groove That’s machined in the site post itself, and you can use that to pull the post up to the screw. Tighten the setscrew back down back this screw out and you’re done. You’ve just made a measured five-inch adjustment on elevation at 100 yards, So this is gonna save you a lot of ammunition and thus a lot of money when you’re citing in, especially if you want to switch from your surplus rounds to your hunting rounds and they hit differently. This makes it very easy to sight in. Everything’s stored together. Your Allen keys on your tools, so you just drop that in your range bag and you don’t have things flopping around everywhere, so that’s how that works another thing that machine the whole globe from scratch allowed us to do was to make the globe itself. Sit higher off the barrel. Here’s an ideal sight picture. If your modem shoots high, you could just find a way to raise the post in the stock site globe. The trouble with that is that if you have to raise it very much, it starts to crowd the top of the globe and your sight picture starts to look like this, which is not ideal by making the whole globe. Sit taller, our site. Lets you keep the post nearer to the center where it belongs, So if your modem shoots up to 8 inches high, order the type a if it shoots more than 8 inches high, order the type B and that will keep your sight post as close as possible to the center of the globe. So other details about this. This adjustment tool is made from steel, not aluminum. So you won’t strip out those threads as you can see. It’s been nicely glued. The adjustment wheel is anodized aluminum, the sight and the tool together Are yours for 68 bucks. Canadian shipping included And we keep these in stock. So from the time you order it. It should ship the next business day if you have more than one. Mosin, maybe you’ve already got the site and the adjustment tool. You just want another site? The site would be $48 If you just want the adjustment tool, maybe you lost yours. That’s $28 and all those prices are Canadian dollars and they all include shipping anywhere in the world, that’s it! Thanks for watching again. I’m Travis for Euclidean machine works.

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