Cuda Error Out Of Memory | How To Fix – Not Enough Gpu Memory To Place Dag And Cannot Write Buffer For Dag


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How To Fix - Not Enough Gpu Memory To Place Dag And Cannot Write Buffer For Dag


Hello, guys, and welcome back again to the channel so today. I have a new video if you are having a problem with your mining rigs and specifically this problem here, not enough. GPU memory to plays deck. You cannot mind this coin or if you are getting cannot write buffer for this dock, so for the dark file so basically, this means that first, the GPUs, with three geeks were left out to miney theorem and the theorem classic because the deck fire has gone more than three gigabytes and now obviously, the cards with four gigabytes are the next target, which are not going to support the dart file. So they’re getting there are many rigs. That are getting this problem in here. So basically, this is not a new problem. It’s been a while, it’s been a while that some people have gotten these problems so big. Maybe this is related to the to the memory of their cars because there might be corrupted memory section, so that can be a problem, but anyway today. I got a few tips for you. So maybe one of the way. I’m going to show you today. It may help you get a little bit more more time on mining with your 4 gigabytes card, but anyway, if any of this of these ways. I’m going to show you today. It’s going to work with your mining rig. You have to keep in mind that that you are going still left out or from mining a theorem or a theorem classic because the deck file as I told you are getting to four gigabytes, so yeah, you have to keep this in mind because this is only a temporal solution till the deck file reaches to four gigabytes and then you have to sell your four gigabyte cards or maybe turn them to mind. Switch them to mind another coin, which has a lower deck file. Okay, then the first way you, mate to fix this problem, Obviously it’s to go at. Download the lady’s. Claymore Claymore, dual miner. If you are using this one and basically, the latest version for now its version 12.0 it says that it has it has a bit a bit reduced to require. GPU memory, both an AMD and Nvidia cards. So you can mind aetherium a bit longer on cars. They don’t have enough memory as I told you. It’s only a temporal solution. So basically, the first way you can try to fix your mining rig. If you’re getting this problem is very easy. You go ahead. Download the new miner and begin mining with your best file as you were mining before, and obviously if the problem gets resolved and you can crack until your cars cannot support anymore. The tag file for a theorem or a theorem classic. If the first way doesn’t doesn’t work. So even the latest version version 12 point, then there is another way and the second way is go ahead and copy this string in here that basically it’s for AMD cards, but I don’t know if if that works on Nvidia cards. But I doubt it because it says here from it says here on the official page of the camera minor. So basically, you just copy these strings in here. If you don’t have them already. Obviously you just copy this. Then go to your claim or minor. You go to your best file if you have a custom one like. I have in here minor or you can go on the start batch. If you are using the start batch, you click on edit, and then if you don’t have your kreegas, you create a space. Then you paste this ring in here. Then you save the file and you can try if that works for you. So this is the second way, and the third way is that if none of these works the version 12 point and the adding of the string is worse, then works then you can try the method with the virtual memory. Basically, you go to your virtual memory. You set it first to 16 gigs and 20 gigs. Then you set this. You restart your mind in Greek and try. If this doesn’t work, then you go ahead and increase the maximum size by 4 gigabytes at a time. So basically, if if it doesn’t work the first time 1620 you can try then 1624 restart your mind in Greek and retry. If that doesn’t work, then go to 28 set it restart your mind in Greek and retry, and so on till you get to the point where you have no more space available on your hard disk, and then if none of them works, this means that even this way doesn’t work for a mining break. Then we get to the last one, which is the last resort. I have for you and obviously. I hope one of these ways works for you. OK, the last resort it. Is this one you go back to your lets? Cancel this first. OK, then you go back to your claim or miner folder and in here, go back to the batch file, which you are using. Let’s say, for example, start, click on edit and at the end of the shrink. You just add this command in here. You create a space at the very end, only one space, and then you add this this command of the or this parameter. Let’s say – eros or ER, e s space. 0 you add this one. You save it and you are all done. If you have a custom miner, it’s the same thing you click on edit. You go to the end of the string creator space and paste this this string in here, – eros space 0 Then you save obviously and try if that works for your minor. OK, So basically, this means that you can try these steps or these ways. I told you one at I’m so begin with the latest version. If that doesn’t work, go with the strings, I told you to add at the beginning of the batch file, then go with a virtual memory and at the end. Go with this command. I showed you in here and I hope one of these ways works for you and the reason. I told you about all of these ways. Were is that I know people that fix their mining rig. Only by updating the latest version of clemmer miner others have fixed the problem by using this string in here and obviously others have fixed their problem with a visual memory and the latest version, which told me about the command you had the – areas command. You have to add has has figured out to fix their mining burg. At least temporarily. OK, then as I told you, try them. Step by step or you can try them all at once, but I suggest you try them. Step by step and see which way works for you and obviously don’t forget to leave your experience in the comment section. So you can help other people out with this if they are having this kind of problem. OK, then that was it for today. I think, yeah, I was clear, but obviously, if you have any question, you can leave them on the comment section, and I will try my best to help with this problem, and if you don’t know already before we go. If you go to my channel, go to the playlist. You may already know that. I have a playlist only with the videos. How to fix your mining rig. So go to my channel. Go to playlist and in here. You have how to fix problems with your mining rig. So you click on here and here. You can find only the videos about about these problems. You may have with your mining rigs, OK? Then, as always, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already also turn on post notification and yeah, like and share the videos because it would help me and my channel and see ya see you guys on the next one. Bye bye!

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