Cuda 9.0.176 | Cuda : Depends: Cuda 9 0 9 0 176 But It Is Not Going To Be Installede: Unable To Correct Problems,

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Cuda : Depends: Cuda 9 0 9 0 176 But It Is Not Going To Be Installede: Unable To Correct Problems,


Book your friends when you start to install this. Cuda, nine. You get this error that you can’t install CUDA. And you don’t know what to do. So what I have What the problem they say. This is the error. CUDA depends put on line up this packages, So what I have done is sued are installed. You have to have drivers greater than this so. I am going to show you how this installation is done. So copy this. So you need to have this new media driver greater than 90 the mistake that was. I was doing! Is that so let us see whether this works out? This works out. I’m gonna upload the video or else. I’m not going to do it, so then what I will do is just put a version Sudo apt key, and you have to just copy this up to here. Sudo add key and the CUDA version. You could read over here. Put it over here and copy this portion. Okay, and bar or just pop, be honest. These are Da Cunha, repo. Copy this in this tutorial cooler repo. And you have to copy this at the Depot auto copy. This version went to 17.04 and copy all those things and paste it over here and whatever. Luis, you have to get this fish it out here to not acquire the key. No, such file or directory exists. Only the script is the Eevee. OK, no problem with that because it has already added it. So let us go with update. And if everything is current, the kora must be installed now, okay. The food is now installed. So that’s it friends. It is as easy as that that you can install food. Ah, and after that, what you have to do? Is you have to go to the gle’s bus? You only think you have to darkness. You have to how drivers greater than 390 You can go to the device manager or driver manager over here the or I will go here and even it says, change it. Okay, so let us straight to the colitis relation back. We take some 50 seconds or something so this year. Our kora depends nine or it’s going to be unable to correct it problems, so this will be a headache topic of our video, so just gonna upload it So you can see you can see, does mean uploaded. I’ll show you what else to do the next step then what I have to do. Is you have to go to my website to my Youtube channel and what you have to do is to go to my channel. Wait, if then water to the waves have to get down, so I have made some video on pure installations, so go down down. Go back down and put an NS here and you have to see whether we’re cool. I have just made a tutorial on that. The only thing or else you can just go to the tensorflow thing. Pensar overflow, burn through food. I installation creation, so you have, you don’t have to worry because so you installed inside probe dark? Go there and after going here, what you have to do is. I will just go down and look for the environment variables, so this we are doing in Linux or Mac OS. So GPU is not optional over here Because we need a CUDA for this. I don’t know where it is. Environment variables has to be here, okay. You cannot find it because they have given some environment variables, so it will be better that you do it with them. Okay, stand over here, okay. Type environment variables, constellation environment variables and click confirm. And as you can see that the environment variables has given so the environment variables there will be no change with that because there will be the same mineral variables over everywhere. So you can just a get down. I don’t know why my system is snow. Oh, my god, so this one. I have to endure sterling this way. We will be correct. So food are 9 and Khuda, 7 for Tensorflow is the best one as I can say you for even for 18.04 I’ll say anything, so it has to how food. Ah, this a braver more than 384 so it will be better so this is to keep on buffering now one day, so lets. See what you can do is just sitting up everything then. I will teach you how to dissolve the Quran 9 : and installation. So this may take some time so now water to be CNBC C /v. So as you can see that there is no kind of installation intimation over here, so you have to get down and get down as possible and see Merrill, the environment variables so installation country organize everyone time and let’s see where are the environment variables and just copy and paste noises. So in here, you have this food or library, okay, so LD path food is a CD, So you have any other thing So Python 3 so this must show correctly. What ends up with GPU? So now whatever to do this. You have to just copy this thing. Am I doing right, yes? I’m doing it right, so just copy this thing and go ahead. G-get it dot bass, g e– D. Ip g edit / EI. Yes, such oh, my god, that’s nothing in this. I don’t see nothing in this animal way. Okay, let’s just export it and see now what happens And when you now plus the NBCC, still, it asks, so I think we have to just read it. Let us go and search for GE. T / – and it or G edit. HRC is supposed to be cheering – our serial, just from the name. Yes, or C so you don’t have anything. Oh, it comes home. So it is command is actually. G in advance. I see so you have to get to the last thing of these thing. Yes, papi, this thing. Copy this, just paste it. So everything is correct. I think so so just save it. Save it! Save it! Close it, yes, you are see source and HRC so special, see, and now if you just put a BCC version so it doesn’t show, so let us restart the system. So this G edit bash RC. Just like this, expose it -. I see and let’s see what happens. Should I save this And so /r C and NVCC? We are yes. I am hosting this one show, so it’s a pseudo reboot, everything and dry for the next that will stop them. So, friends as you can see from here when you go to this jaded. Bashar see you can see that. This is the take a good look at this so. I’m going to give you this how to make this. This would be same for every woman, too, because if you install it in a very single user will be very good for everyone. This is very important because Kuda is very needed for people. If you want to change the version, you can change it from here very needed for every system of Ubuntu. Because if there is no para, it will start a stab man and lots of problem would come. So let me see whether I have on my mic. Yes, I want my mic. So after that, what you have to do Is you have to just save it and you so smashed a see you so smashed. RC in order to do that. So after that, if you put in VCC version, you can see this over here so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to install the coup NN version, but an inversion, the Cardinal Ocean. After you install that only you can just see what could be what could possibly go wrong or what could without the challenges of the tensorflow. So what I’m going to do is see you The NN. Some point 0.5 download. I’ll go to the Coronel, so I’m going to just download it so so after that, what you have to do Is you have to just go here and you have to just download this all this 3 DB and think so all this thing will be downloaded over here as you can see. It is AMD Dot Deborah and one and a suitable data now to download all these things and what you have to do is and one by one you have to just install it, so go here the downloads and whatever to do this, you have to copy the son business, so the first thing would be the same thing, so so just like renaming it. You just copy it, OK? Copy it and just you know to copy this copy. This this this leave some gap and just go here, just go to the downloads and in order like renaming it, just copy the whole thing, probably the whole thing. So this is the codon and version installation details, so it is unpacking and the next thing would be 1 + 0 amd64 them. It is supposed to be there. Okay, copy that we are gonna copy this dip. So now we have just done with the devil. So we have to copy this first one on passcode online, so go here. 1 plus put online, is this? I think so let’s see the MB. It is 12.5 so it is really this, so then whatever to do. Is you have to copy this and just paste it over here? You deliver space and then paste it over here. Then both things been done. You have to copy the smallest packages, possibly ever, so then go here. Oh, it’s not a symbolic link. I don’t know why it is say drilling this. What is this mean by a symbolic link? I don’t know, Oh, symbolic or linkage. A right, so let us just leave the codon and supposed to be live codon and seven point zero point five, so let’s get here and select all copy. Then chest is this and just hit. Enter, you see. Some mirrors were encountered in the world installation. Also, I don’t know, what does those things the next thing would be this dock, so let’s rather see the dock this at least me sorry incorrectly if this has been not done correctly. I’m not going to upload. The video suite is over here. We named it copy 8 whatever device you have to get it. Please, so that’s also not right, so let’s see whether this comes correctly, so this copy this CP and then paste it and good here, the space this and somewhat is getting somewhat to clarity to the somewhat some instances, so we have to just make claim neck and see a this is very correct if everything is done correctly, so something the error one which shows I don’t know what is that? So if the solution was not correct, this does not would be faster, No such directory or dot M nest or something exists, so we have done some wrong. I think so, so let’s go back and just faceting must be this. So let’s go here, let’s place. This must be put on. I in this thing, let’s first to do with this thing. Rename it! Copy this, we’re here in just a patient. Yes, let’s see what happens. No such file or directory CD CD. W em, you know, 80s then is a hit, enter somewhat unpacking it, so it’s all some kind of LD conflict could online. You so local already? There has been a link over there. So what you do is you have to just get into the good thing. Pseudo yes. And then start to piss this. Let’s see whether it holds now, which is not working so. I’m gonna prove the video.

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