Boosted 100 Guide | How To Gear Your Fresh 90 – Boosted 90 Guide – Patch 5.4


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How To Gear Your Fresh 90 - Boosted 90 Guide - Patch 5.4


What’s up, guys? Piper, here, bring you a video today of me doing a quick little bit on how to gear up your fresh level 90 Well, you’ve probably just done is boosted to 90 Got some nice bags from twenty two bags. Got a little bit of gold. Got some stuff and you might look ugly as as I do. Oh, my god, we like go. I’m like garnet shoulders That shoulder piece. Oh, my god, Justin, I leave. What elf? So you’re looking ugly? You got no gear and you feeling like, yeah, yet? Naughty, it’s always the same thing you hit Nineteen. You’re like you at 90 and then you like wait. Now, It’s the biggest grind in existence. I’m making this video to try me a little bit easier for you guys on what to do and how to do it efficiently and quickly, so step One obviously is be naive. Obviously step two might be for you. It might be for me. Get some transmog so you don’t have to look at your ugly face. Look at this! Oh, my God, but transmog aside, let’s talk about gear. Step one and gearing up is go to timeless. Isle, this is pretty much just hand fed people the ability to get into raids immediately and they’ve done that by introducing timeless Isle. So let’s go down there and have a look and we’re timeless, okay. I should mention also. The first time you go to timeless Isle. I will be for a quest. I’ve already done the questo. Talk for me to show you guys a bit it’s. It’s very straightforward. All you do is you get an automatic question. You go to the shrine and it will teleport you to the town hall now. When you get here, you’re going to want to do all these like lots of quests that you get your have a quest, explore the island. You have a quest to kill mobs. You’re skilled, rare mobs. Rare balls are actually part of the easiest thing for you to kill because it’s most likely going to be multiple people doing that, but as a fresh 90 with shitty green gear, it’s going to be difficult for you to kill anything so which actually want to do, firstly is go and find the chests, find the hidden items and do all that kind of stuff to get the gear out of boxes instead of off mobs. If you do this, you should get at least half a set from all the chests on the island. I’m not going to go through all the chests for you right now. If you want to look up that guide, you can, it’s super easy. It’s super easy to find, and there’s guides for it everywhere. All you have to do is go through the chests after you do the chests after you do the chest, You have a little bit more gear and you’re going to be able to do another quest to get another piece of gear which is called. Rolos riddle. I have a guy throws riddle on my channel, but I’m just going to show you real quick here. How to get the quest and then if you need to follow a guide, there is one of my channel just called a relative guide and you’re going to see these little dirt piles around the island. When you loot these dirt piles, they have a chance. I got a first try to pick up a course called Rollers Riddle. You right-click on the item and you’ll start that. That’s a guaranteed guaranteed piece of gear. Once you have done rows, riddle, once you have done. All those things should also have accumulated a large amount of coins times all coins. So I’m going to show you now with the quick little sprint over here where you can buy your weapons. This is important because without the certain amount of gear square you get from the aisle. You won’t be able to get into. SSO immediately armed. So what you want to do is get basically. All were trying to on the island is just get over that gear score needed to get an SS. So if you weren’t aware of what that is, it’s simply, where is it available tarnish out? So you need 496 I’ll have 492 right now. It doesn’t really matter because I’m not a Raider. But once you get 496 you can go. SSO and this is all completely void Once you’re at that point, But you need to get those Thomas Collins. You should have them from farming rares, getting those boxes open and getting those coins. Now, if you come over here. I believe it’s one of these vendors. Hey, I have Thomas coins. Guy’s souls, the master, it’s not you. I think it’s this lady. Hey, where’s your weapons? At, uh, here. We go so when you come to this lady, it’s going to show you your class specific items as you can see here. It’s twenty thousand points for a bow. That’s because it is obviously a two-handed weapon. I’m pretty sure the stuff was terrible as well. Oh, my God, it’s an ugly bow, But obviously for a Brogue or someone with the two one handers, you’re gonna have two for 10k 10k coins might seem like a lot, but when you spend a decent amount of time here, you gonna have plenty of coins once you’ve done that once you’ve got your bow. If you are still not over the gear score limit, there’s two things you can do number. One is get burdens of eternity. Burdens are items that will let you upgrade your timeless gear to a higher item level of higher stats. Obviously all those sort of things come there. Come with a higher item levels and there’s two ways to get those, which is luck and drops. There’s a chest on the like island on this island that requires you have the legendary cloak. There are ways to get there without the legendary cloak again. There’s guys on my channel to get there, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass what? I like to do what I usually did was just farm coins and come in here now. This is a place where you simply gamble. That’s all is quick, let’s quickly! Get skills, okay. Your Honor, as you can see, I have no gear. So what you can see here is me popping all Cds just to kill one lonely tiger. I’m sorry, dude, but I can’t deal with. You cannot deal with you right now. Trying to make a video? So what you need to do is come in here and buy, basically. Keys off this guy once you buy keys. They cost 500 coins. Each you open up a chest and you have a chance of getting a piece of gear and you have a chance of getting a burden. Also, chance depends and all that, but what I did mainly was coming here and by burdens and burdens would give you enough Gear score didn’t get into SS. So once you’re into SS. Oh, you’re fine. That’s the end of tutorial. That’s another guide because SSO. It’s pretty straightforward, you go in you. Make sure to do all of those also. Make sure to get your arm extra loot rolls. If you don’t know where extra loot rolls are, we’re going to cover that right now, let’s go and get that done for. You guys! Alright, guys, so once you’re back at the shrine, There’s a simple little thing you need to do before you start to do your writing before you started with your. SSO, which is simply fly down to the bottom the shrine. It’s the same for the Alliance run by the way to the same, pretty much exact place. Come down to this guy right here. As a quest for you. Is you have a quest for war? Ford Seals. These are the things that let you roll more than once. They can have three of these for one raid. Lock out! All you need for these are simple. Little items called coins, these ones. I have less retrim of good fortune. I don’t have much here because I haven’t done much on this character. But when you do Thomas out, I guarantee you will have plenty plenty. Things drop like crazy on. Thomas Solids Castle is designed for you to be able to gear up. So once you come here and your head in this quest. If you’ve done times already, you have plenty of these coins, and you’ll be able to hand this quest in your three war. Ford Seals, which will allow you to do three more rolls. The only thing you need to worry about then is to make sure that you roll in the correct bosses. When you first start rating. Obviously it’s gonna be super easy to just roll them. Whatever you probably have a good chance of getting something you want, but just make sure when you’re doing siege of Orgrimmar. You come in to your your little guide down here. It’s called Dungeon Journal. Go over to SSO on raids. Find a boss and then click on this little loot tab over here and this loot tab is going to tell you what drops from that particular boss. You can use this as a guide to basically guess whether or not you should be rolling or not, for instance, it all on my hunter. The second boss of SSO drops a crossbow that I want a lot so on that first time I do that. I’m going to definitely roll twice to try and get that crossbow. If I don’t get it the first time, and sometimes does, you know two rolls are guaranteed on anything. It just gives you an extra chance at getting some loot. So make sure you do that. Make sure you look at the bosses that you’re doing and choose what you’re going to roll on specifically for that now. Once you’ve done this, you’re done. You can get into a rating guild once you have some looking for a gear. You can keep going that way, But a little blob. But I company guys look into this video and thinking, dude. I want a PvP, what do I do for? Pvp Pvp is a lot more difficult, mainly because there’s no easy way to do this. Pve, it’s easy to get into. It’s easy to get that Gehrig’s. It’s a bit of time for PDP. You have to PvP. It’s simple as that. What you’re going to need to do is obviously go to Thomas. All I would say still get Thomas out gear. Before you start, because that’s the very least you should have once you have. Tom’s, I’ll get. You Just need to start doing Bee Gees and it sucks. It sucks a lot, especially if your horde, you’re going to lose, basically a V and Ill. Which are the main honour gainers. Um, what I would recommend you doing? If you can, and if you have, someone will help you is getting carried through arena. Get any character arena. If you’ve just hit 90 you’re gonna have a larger cap as you can see here. I have a counter for 7,000 That’s about three pieces of gear right there. Three pieces of prideful gear, which is the current season gear. Then once you’ve done that you can start doing. Bee Gees and do some Bee. Gee’s like that. Keep in mind That getting character Arena is not fun. It’s a pain in the ass. It’s not gonna be enjoyable. It’s just the way codes, unfortunately for us PP. Peters, you need to grind out that gear to get anywhere. Obviously make sure to inch N gem every piece you get because it’s going to increase your damage by a lot and make sure you keep on top of that kind of stuff. It will help a lot. I promise you I know guys. Thanks for watching. I hope this helps you gear up every day. I would love to get on seeing this video. See you guys come to your senses for now, ah!

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