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Top 5 Machine Learning Language || Stephen Simon


Welcome back and in this video. We are going to talk about top five programming languages that is best suited for machine learning coming up. All right, let’s get into the video. So what most any programming language can be used to develop machine learning based application? But it is quite challenging to write all the algorithms from very scratch, and it is time-consuming. So the best suited programming languages for machine learning are those languages, which has support to many different libraries and has advanced features to support data models and other features of machine learning, so Github recently announced their top 10 machine learning languages, based upon the contribution the users made and in this video be able to talk about the top 5 from those lists, so let’s get started from the number fifth so number fifth programming language for machine learning. Is she sharp, so C Sharp is a programming language that is developed by Microsoft C Shop can be used to develop Web apps, mobile applications, Your text of applications, your phone apps, you can develop anything from C Sharp, also with the introduction to ML Dotnet, which is an entire framework to build your of machine learning models, It has helped Dotnet developers to get into machine learning so since it has a good audience of guys coming from Microsoft background, that is why I believe it has taken the position of Ipython Bob. The fourth one is your. I know you’re gonna love it. Its Javascript Javascript is the most used scripting language on the Web Development. Almost everyone knows how to work a Java. Script, little or more and have a good reach and this program has almost a good reach to everyone. Now, with the advancement of angular and react Javascript has really new level. Also, it supports libraries like Tensorflow tensorflow recently released their ten’s approaches, which means you can now code the tensor flow on your web applications now. That is really really helpful for the guys were coming from Web development background, So even now they have an edge if they know Javascript, they can move into machine learning also. I feel getting some enough sound. I’m really sorry some guys at the top. There’s some knocking. I’m really sorry for that. The third one is everyone loves this language and everyone books on it. And that’s the Java Java has probably more than 9 billion developers across the globe. It is a very powerful language. You write one and run anywhere. People, love writing code in Java and companies have been very good in the field of this Java language. And if you know Java, it’s not gonna be that tough for you to move into machine. Learning as Java has many good users and so the contribution made in this community can be utilized. And that’s why I believe it has the position of third as a programming language. The second programming language happens to be C++. I know it might sound. That synthesis is a very, very basic language. How can this be used for the machine learning? But C++ also supports tensorflow. Many guys use it. C++ is very, very powerful. I believe it is the first space programming language everyone learned. I would highly suggest you to go on to Github and look for C++ machine learning to squirrel search over there. You’ll find that people who know C++ are really contributing a lot on this platform and then good ways and since the C++ has very good algorithms, we we learned algorithms like – order cooks or in C++ language, So that is why I believe that it has reached the second place. Now you might think, all right. I’ve talked about four. But which language is going to take the first position? I think you might be the face between two languages now. I guess those two languages would be piped and are so according to the Github contribution by the report that they have given the first position is taken by. Give a guess. It’s my turn. It’s not art, but it’s. Python Python is very, very easy. Its very readable. People have been developing apps on Python for really long time companies have been using it. They are they used for. Django Web Development. Then they also use it for game development. People also use it for mobile app development, so it was quite easy for the Python developers to move into a machine on a field also. Python has a very good life library support like Numpy, Sci-fi and Mac Plot, which help Python to reach at the top in this list. And I suggest you that if you want to learn machine learning first learn Python and then move to your the libraries. I have made a machine learning video on how to get started with it. I will give a link in the description now. What about the arm language? So in the list are rank has taken the sixth position to me to my opinion. I believe why are could come in. Top five is because first there, not many developers who write code and are as compared to the top five languages, and that may be the one of the reason that could not drive derive the community part. I mean, if they’re not many developers working on are it means there may not be good. Reliable support. People are not writing cushion and answer on the online forums. But I believe a couple of years down. The lane art will come as the top five languages of machine learning. I hope you now have an idea on which language you should choose to get into the field of machine learning. It does not matter as I said. In the raining of the video, you may choose any languages, but writing poor from very scratch taste time, so think wisely, whichever language suits you best. Choose for that and go for it. Thank you so much for watching. I upload videos on every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Don’t forget to Like share and subscribe this channel. Thank you so much see in the next video. [MUSIC].

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