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Entry Level Anaconda Build | No Engineering | Haz-rez Capable | Elite Dangerous


Today. I’m gonna show you a entry-level. PVE and a contra built that requires no engineering and that has no modules that comprise unlocking. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to elite dangerous with down to earth astronomy today. I’m going to do something for the new players, or will the players will put played for bit and who maybe just got their hands on and anaconda? And won’t you try it, fit it out for combat and especially for PvE, but you haven’t maybe been paying too much attention for for engineering, or you just want something quick and maybe don’t do combat that much them on. Invest the time and effort at is direct leadership, so that’s? What we’re going to look at today? This is meant for the the mid game players. The players who have a little bit of money. The pimp were gonna look at today is, of course, the route, the Anaconda and has a total price of just under 500 millage. You’ll need those money collected before you start. And if you’re having issues and gathering those money, I will often have money making videos up. That will come out whenever there’s something new, so stay tuned to the channel and go and have a look at what I have posted lately, and you might find something useful there, but without further ado, let’s just go right ahead and let’s have a look at then load up that I have chosen here, so the focus around the whole build here is it should be fairly easy to use and it should be a well-rounded build. That’s good for PVE and especially this decide for rest sites, so maybe not as much conflict so you can take this into a conflict zone, but I would recommend doing this in a wing with some of your friends, and but definitely rest site and I’ve been playing with this in and has the rest site editor some very Cape in his ship, so weapon wise and our main kinetic damage is gonna come from a multi cannon of syllables, you cannons, so our huge hard point. There’s going to be a for a game book, multi cannon and same thing with one of the large one it does matter. Look at those two of the last ones are on top of the ship. Put the multi-camera underneath same place. Also underneath you see here with the huge one. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to split the ship down the middle. We got to put all the multi cannons underneath. I’m gonna put all our laces that we’re gonna come back to it under the top. The reason why we do, This is when we are shooting at something. And if we’re just shooting with our multi cans with this is our target. We’ll tilt the ship up slightly, and we have full coverage with all of multi cannon because especially the small ones is located all the way to the back. If you want a shooter with their fringe, we’re gonna hit their shields. We’ll tilt the ship downwards a bit, so we have the laces pointing to Wars on target, and if we want to try and have a mix of both, we can infer the way point straight to water may have all weapons firing at them, but it’s a little bit more difficult, but that’s why there we have emplacement of the of the logical to Canada support. Then on top. We have to again Dimpled pulselessness. This is again our main source of thermal damage, which is good against shields the to medium once again they are here is taking pretty much work both on top and below. I mean, the this is well. You can see small wing here. That should looks like it prevents improve firing down, but that thing is not a part that actually read up. The model is just a shift kit that’s on so these can’t fire downwards, but I’ve gone with these. Because otherwise, a government pulls cameras here because otherwise a pulls laces because otherwise we would be and a little low one thermal damage. I think and again for the two small ones these are located. All the way to the rear of the ship is little bit difficult to see here, but as you can clearly see there other. Neath the ship and they’re all the way to the rear so again underneath the ship, so we’re gonna fit those for multi cannons and this actually gives us a pretty nice balance between thermal and kinetic damage, so we have a good spread of damage. All right, let’s move on to the utility marks. I fitted a kill one scanner. You can change this out. If you want? You can see this when you swirl. There’s a point to make a watts of power. I believe, and so you could if you wanted to. You can see if you changed out for a four-point defense If you wish and or other modules, but quite defense, the kilowatt scanners, probably the most useful one kill one scanner used to give you a little bit more bouncy point defense protects against missiles. So that depends if you want more more defense or a little bit extra credit. Then we have to heatsink launches. These are just going to be used to try and maintain down heat when we fire off our ships or banks which? I’ll show you in a bit, so we have those two on there. The rest is syrupy shield boosters and the reach webicon with B is because as you can see here down at the bottom. We are a little tight on power, so that’s why. I’ve gone with be rated because we don’t really have the power fit. A might be able to upgrade one. If we’re lucky to a and you could do that, but I like to keep a little bit extra power just in case, um, but these be rated, that’s what I’ve been testing with, and it works Just fine moving on to the corn kernels for armor. I haven’t done anything here. Because the main tank is gonna be at the shields and armor is only gonna be for emergencies, mainly to try and save money because some of these armors you can see are extremely expensive, so I want to try to keep the price down, and they’ll also keep the ship lighter, so that’s why I’ve just decided to keep the lightweight alloy to to save a little bit money and weight and thrusters again. They are very expensive. The 7a thrusters here are very, very expensive. Clinically can’t even remember how much they are, But I think the at least the same price as the whole off the ship. So if you are type and crazies. This is only 67 the camper 47 to come right anyway. The thrusters are fairly expensive. So if you are tight on money, you can’t downgrade them for. I recommend as soon if you have the money that you upgrade the thrusters again through a mate because we, it is a big ship. We are heavy and we’re gonna be lacking that maneuverability that we would get from having two bigger thrusters. Six a frameshift. Drive, this is also a place where you can save a little bit. Migrate out to be. It is gonna give you a little bit extra power. So if you want to get some more powerful, it may be upgrading your shield boosters. You can do that parameter in the frame shift. Drive, I really wouldn’t recommend it because it really really hurts your jump range. Gotta make it difficult to move the ship around, but if you’re just gonna keep the ship in one system and never really jump with it, you can easily just jump rate the frame shift driver. That’ll be just fine life support. A rated life support is a fairly cheap module. They don’t really cost a lot and so that’s why. I’ve gone with a rated and again you can go D rate. If you want a little more mobility, but they’re not that heavy to start with, so it doesn’t really gonna do much anyway. And there we have. The eight eight power distributor and kind of gives us plenty of power to power all those weapons and again. This is really a module that I I would discourage you from downgrading, and you can go be rated. And by then again, I would really recommend you. Upgrade this as quickly as you can. If you decide to go with a lower grade and finally the sensors again, it is also much where you can downgrade if you’re shy on on money. And and this is maybe one of the better place to to downgrade because it’s not gonna hurt your effectiveness effectiveness. So this is a place where you can also down great, and and you can wait with this upgrade for for a while. I would actually recommend you go for the power distributor and the frame truth drive before you up with up with the senses. Finally, we have a look at the optional journals here. I have a several a shift generator. I would strongly recommend to get this. I would not write it down. Great this if you’re going to downgrade your shield generators through a low grade, I wouldn’t recommend to go into a has this resource extraction site. Maybe stick to low or low to high, Um, or just the normal ones. I wouldn’t go to have this without the 7a and we have two 6b in order to be here because the P rated so thanks has an extra of chart should have been allowed to stay longer. And if you carry more effective hit points with you when doing these, and of course, when you’re fine, you should so thanks. That’s why we have to heat safer before you could have to fire to to shield cell banks while you’re firing one heat. Six, which is why? I normally fly with two of them, so I can fire one one of five. I fired one via the heat sink. Wait for the heat to begin to drop as soon as the heat drops a fire off the second one and fired off. These two will almost completely Fill up your shields. So when you’re low on shields? This is your emergency -. Get some ahead. Push back! I’ve put a fighter hanger on here and the reason why I’ve done That is because we’re not doing any engineering to this ship. We are be a little bit slow a little bit heavy, Not gonna maneuver that well as you buy, maybe within other ships, and and therefore, sometimes, if you’re fighting small, very agile ships, it can be difficult to track them if they might just run rings around you. This is why we carry the fighter hangar. So you have the opportunity to go out and the finest route juice is really up to you if you’re new to combat our a new player. I recommend at least having one fighter that has a dimpled weapons. You can see here. This one has gimble. Pulse slices and chaff. I think it’s a good combination. Um, and also here. I have chosen one That has a thick, plastic, fixed plasma and weapon and chef as well and but I can choose whether we like and additional. This will allow you to bring French support so we could do multi crew. If if you like it, okay, moving further down, we have 250 challah bread for sports and 1 5 D whole module reinforcements here and down in the military compartment all the way the part that we have another 5 T module reinforcements. This is just in case of emergency. If our shields go down, this is going to protect our module. You could switch out one of the module reinforcements for another home reinforcements. That’s really just a balancing act and and how you prefer to play. And so that’s a little bit up to you. I have been chosen to go with a collector. Limpet controller. I’ve got three a. You can pretty much fit any on here. I just went with the biggest because that could fill the slot. There’s no 4 class for these because I had the power to do it, and I actually forgot to fit this while I was was testing it, but it it doesn’t really mean we have the power to to write it as you can see here. We have maximum of 36 and we’re using a 35-point and 8 9 Mega Watt. So the collector limits is good because when you’re out there and you’re shooting ships, they will drop a lot of engineering materials. So if you’re going to engineer the ship in the future, it’s a good idea to fit a connect Olympic controller and carries and limpets with you, so you can send them out and collect up all those nice engineer materials just to make your life a little bit easier down the road, then when you eventually decide to go and engineer so to carry those limpets. I fitted through Cargo X su class for cargo, right, that gives you 32 tons of cargo 32 limpets that should be sufficient for at least a while, and otherwise you can’t synthesize more limpid. Strether won and finally, like last two slot, I fitted a advanced discovery scanner and just because you know when we’re flying around, I always fit it because it, I really hate getting into a system and I don’t have the system data and I have to run through that beacon to scan it or something like that. Therefore, I have decided to go with a advanced discovery scanner and finally here we have a few clips of the ship in action and as you can see, it is a very capable ship and it definitely holds its own in a hazardous resource extraction site and I did even come up against a elite at a contact, which is pretty much the worst you could come up against. There may be some combination of wings that might be a little bit worse, but and they leave that the content is probably one of the most difficult targets you could come across in a hazardous resource extraction site. And and when you’re coming across these bigger targets, it can this ship can begin to lag a little, so unless you have very good piloting skills what I recommend you do. Is you either stick to some of the local police ship that would be in in the area so that they will help you out? Take the target down as relatively. You could use the tactic that I used here where I will start by ramming the target that will not cost it to a Cro. You will not pull a crew from grabbing, so I ramped the shields down and I ran to his halt down and then it was nice and going halt. I decided to finally gate check, and and by doing that, I was able to take him down. Without having too much base, so that’s a little trick. You can use there to to take down more difficult and pretty much break their shields before they even realize. Did you an enemy even though you’ve been ramming them three times in a row, so I really hope that you liked the video and there will, of course, be a link for the built in the description below the video. And if you liked if you’re gonna try it out, let me know. Give the video a like, subscribe to the channel and also next time. I’ll see you guys in space.

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