All Cuda-capable Devices Are Busy Or Unavailable | How To Fix – No Amd Opencl Or Nvidia Cuda Gpus Found Error ???


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How To Fix - No Amd Opencl Or Nvidia Cuda Gpus Found Error ???


Okay, guys, welcome back to my channel so before we begin. If you haven’t already please consider subscribing and turn on post notifications. So you guys can can always know when I upload a new video and also like and share the videos because it will help me too much so as you can see from the thumbnail today. I’m going to show you and address an error that we can that we can get when we open. Claymore and trying to start mining. Okay, so today we are going to see how you can solve their problem with this kind of error. No AMD, Opencl or Nvidia CUDA GPUs found exit. This is a pretty easy error to fix. So first thing to you need to know. Is that this error? Generally, let’s say comes out when your Windows 10 is updated, or when your GPU drivers are updated. So if you have the automatic, the automatic updates turned on then you should turn them off because this is generally the the main cause of this error. So the first thing we need to do obviously is going and dis activating or disabling the windows 10 automatic updates and to do this. This is very easy! You just go to this. PC right, click, then go to manage, and then we go to services and application. We open services right here. Then then on the end in here, we need to find. Windows Update and here it is we double. Click on it and here. The star on the start up type. You need to open this and click on disable. Then you click apply, then you click. OK, if for some reason you can do this when you open this when you go in here. Open this one, then you first click on, stop to stop this service. First, then, you open startup type, then go to disabled, then click apply. OK, and you close all and you are all done. That’s it for the Windows. Update, obviously this is. This is not enough for this problem, so we need to do something more to be able to solve to solve this this error in here and the first thing we need to do is go and download some of some of the files that we need or the drivers. If you have not downloaded them yet and we need obviously Dee-do Dee-do display driver uninstaller. We need the AMD Blockchain compute drivers and we need em the ADI pixel clock batcher. And I’m sure most of you knows this procedure, but we need to. We need to download all of these files and drivers in here, and then this means that we need to uninstall the current drivers that we have on our on our rig. Then we need to reinstall the drivers and obviously do the peaks aperture and we’re done and obviously the procedure is really easy, But if you haven’t done it then. I’m going to show you in here after you download ddu. Then you go to your folder when you downloaded it. I have done it already. You extract it because it is most of the times it is in a zip file after you extracted it. Then you open the program. Then you will get this one. You click on lunch and you will get this notification. Don’t worry about this, It’s not, it’s not important, so you just close this and you can do this by click and restart highly recommended. But I I recommend you guys to do this procedure. The DDO procedure or let’s say the uninstalling of the drivers in safe mode and to do that. You just go to the options, then in here you have. Advanced Options change at your own risk, so you you will get this one antiqued. You just tick this one. Click on close click. Did you then reopen it again? And when you reopen you open this one and click safe mode and then reboot to safe mode When the PC reboots the DDO driver, uninstaller will open automatically, but if it does not, then you just open it in safe mode, then like I showed you. You click on clean and restart and after the drivers are cleaned up, You just wait for the restart and then after. Windows comes up. Then you go to the blockchain drivers that you downloaded. I recommend you use the Windows 10 64 bit version because I have used it on Windows 7 and Windows 10 32-bit and they do not work, so don’t go ahead and try with this one, but instead try and install. Windows 10 64 bit. So you can be sure that these drivers are going to work at 100% after you download the drivers. Obviously you need to open them and install them, obviously. I don’t need to show you how to install the drivers. You just click on next next next. So follow the procedure to install the drivers and after the drivers are installed. You just close all the windows that are open, but not restart the PC. So so this means that didn’t. This means that when the drivers are finished installing, it will ask you to restart your PC, but you don’t restart your PC, but just close that window, then or let’s say close every window. Then you go to the downloads where you have downloaded a tí pixel patcher. Then you do the pixel patch or first. You just open it. Then you will get this table in here. Sorry, obviously. I get already past because my video cards are patched. Lee, but you will get something like found. You click on the ass to pass the the to pass the drivers. It will say patching done. Then you can restart your PC, but obviously, if you if you forget to do this procedure, let’s say if you restart your PC right after you install the drivers, it doesn’t matter you can do the pixel patcher after the restart, but obviously it’s it’s better to do it to do it this way, so you can be sure this will will work 100% so basically that that was it, and I think it’s really easy So basically, you just need to to stop outer updating of the windows and the drivers of the AMD Gpus or NVIDIA. If you have problems with with these video cards and when you open Claymore, then all should all should be good, But if for some reason, you cannot do this procedure. This procedure or this procedure does not work. This means that your drivers or your video cards does not work with with the windows with the latest Windows. Update, which is version version 1803 so to be able to do that. But this is if the first method I told you doesn’t work. You can use the second method and basically you just go to start. You go to settings, then go to update and security. Then you go to recovery in here. You will get something like go to a previous version of Windows or built. I don’t know 100% so basically, you just roll back the update of your windows, So you roll back from version 1803 to 1709 I think I don’t get that that button in here because I have done the rollback, and if we go to Windows Update view installed, if you can see, I am on the latest driver of Windows version 1709 and this is because I couldn’t fix this problem with the Windows. Update 1803 So if you are having the same problem, then you must roll back your driver to the version 17:09 and you are good to go. Then you do the procedure. I showed you! I showed you earlier. OK, guys, that was it. If you have any question, obviously you can ask on the comment section and I will try my best to help you out. If for some reason, you are having problem, but this is the way you can fix this error, and I hope I was clear on what I just said. And yes, you guys so on the next one. Bye bye!

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