Ai Image Processing | What Is Image Processing? | Career Opportunities Of Image Processing In 2020.


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What Is Image Processing? | Career Opportunities Of Image Processing In 2020.


[MUSIC] Vision is the most amazing and complex sense among humans, it took almost 500 million years of human evolution to reach this level of perfection, which helped us see and appreciate the most beautiful things like a smiling baby or something as complex as watching a movie or playing game on a VR headset, but this is just a beginning. We have made amazing technological advancement in past few years to extend a visual ability to machines or computers to help it see and capture the beautiful movements around us, but machines doesn’t see the world the way we see it to a computer. This object in an image appears as an array of square blocks known as pixels assigned with the numerical value, which indicates the intensity of the pixel for a grayscale or a black-and-white image. Each pixel have one value ranging between 0 to 255 but for color image, each pixel have 3 values because color image consists of 3 channels, each representing red, green and blue color. So let’s get started and understand. What is image processing and its career opportunities in 2020 image processing is a technique of applying a relevant mathematical operation or an algorithm on a digitized image to generate an enhanced image or extract some useful features like edge shape and color. There are various image processing operations that are widely used here are few examples, image, enhancement, color, image, processing, image, restoration, image, segmentation, morphological operations and object detection. Let’s take a look into a basic example of image enhancement and understand how a simple subtraction operation can be applied to enhance the quality of the image, Suppose if an image is overexposed, and it needs reduction in brightness, then simply by subtracting a constant number from the pixel intensity value can reduce the brightness of the image to make it look more realistic. Similarly, color, image, processing and image segmentation has a very popular application in film and television industry. You must have seen a movie or a show being shot with a green screen in the background, which is then replaced with a different video or an image. This is based on a simple logic. If a pixel value is equal to the green color intensity, then assign that pixel with a value 0 this video with a noise in it is created by using two different clips by using video editing software, which is based on color image processing technique. [MUSIC] I know this video doesn’t make any sense, but yeah, it makes my point and one more thing. Self-promotion the example, which we just discussed, involves single pixel operation. Let’s look into a little more complicated operation of image processing, which involves group of pixels we all have recorded or click the picture in a bouquet mode in which foreground appears to be sharp and the background is blurred, which creates a very pleasing viewing experience. This effect can be recreated, using edge detection and image blurring, which are implemented with the help of most important phenomena of image processing called convolution. We will discuss in detail about convolution in our upcoming videos. Now let’s discuss why to learn image processing in 2020 and which industries are offering career opportunities in this domain, Let’s start with medical imaging with advancement in technology, The diagnostic scans like MRI, ultrasound and x-rays can be analyzed, using image processing and machine learning techniques to detect some life-threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s, brain tumor and cancer at a very early stage, which can help save many lives. There are many research organizations in India and across the world, which are doing groundbreaking research in this domain and also hiring people who are familiar with image processing and machine learning. The next one is automotive domain, a site of car driving by itself without any driver or a driver. Sleeping in a cockpit of a driving car is not a rare sight anymore. The technique, which helps the cars see and comprehend the world around itself, is computer vision, which involves image processing and machine learning. Many big players in auto industry are developing technologies to develop more safe and smart self-driving cars, which requires people with the image processing skill set the last, but not the least is satellite imaging. Remember the scene of movie Martian? When a scientist figure out the movement of some object on Mars by inspecting the change in the satellite image to conclude that the astronaut, whom the left on Mars is still alive, Detecting the relative change or even analyzing any satellite image involves image processing algorithms, which helps our scientists take some critical decisions for betterment of a planet so space is also one area, which is benefiting from image processing skilled workforce. I hope this video is helpful. In understanding image processing concepts and its career opportunities stay tuned for upcoming videos on image processing and computer vision in which we will understand and develop some cool applications using Python and open CV. You want to know how to install OpenCV libraries for python? Watch our video on how to install OpenCV for Python. Please do like and subscribe and also share your thoughts about this video in the comment section. It motivates us to keep making great content for you guys. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for new video every week.

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