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Wor Build 0.3.0 Installation Guide


[MUSIC] Okay, so in this video? I want to take a look at the new windows on Raspberry Pi build 0.3.0 and this is the latest version. It’s just been released today and this version you have to build by yourself. You have to get your own whim, and then you have to use. This tool called NT light to do it to deep load it, so I’m going to go over the setup process at the beginning, so to do that first. Open up your preferred Web browser, minus Chrome. And you’re going to go to this website. It will be in the description. You can just click on it and to go straight here from here. We’re going to get our preferred windows build. I’m going to go with the insider version. You could go with the final version. If you like it does not matter version. I want the latest one right here, and I want the arm 64. You have to get arm 64. If you don’t, it will not work, so click that language. I want English United States, right here addition. I want professional. You could go with home. If you like select download, we want the download ISO compiler in one click. You’re gonna click that you’re gonna click the first link right here. You’re gonna click that, and you’re gonna save it to wherever you like, and this is gonna download for you. This little script right here once it’s done. Close up your web browser. Open up your file Explorer. Locate where you downloaded it to mines right here, and I’m gonna make a new folder and what I’m gonna call. It is just windows and raspberry iso. I mean, you could call it. Whatever you like, and you’re gonna take this script. You’re gonna put put it in there and you’re gonna have it in this folder. You only want that in that folder just because it makes all these things and will make your desktop dirty, so we have it right here and what you’re gonna. You’re just gonna click on it and you’re gonna get more info. You’re gonna go run anyway. Click yes, and it’s gonna start downloading. All the files needed for us to run the windows on a raspberry pi. So now this can take a while, so you just need to be patient and wait for the download to finish. Okay, so after about 3.0 minutes or something for me. It took, it says done so it says press any key. I can hit any key that I want and I’ll exit. So what I can do now. I can open up my folder. Go to where I downloaded it to. And if you look now, we have this disk image. This is the disk image that we’re going to be using to de-blow and make clean, so it will run better on our Ras. Okay, so after you got your ISO file, what we’re gonna do, you’re just gonna double Click on the ISO file, and it’s gonna mount it as a disk image, and then you’re gonna go to sources and it’s there’s a lot of stuff in here, so it’s kind of hard to find. So you could just you could just search it for install dot whim. This is the this is basically the only file in this ISO that you need. So what you’re going to do. You’re just going to take this file and you’re going to copy it to a preferred place. Mine is my downloads folder or ill. Just do it on desktop. I’m just going to copy it over there. So what’s this going to is going to do now? It’s going to take it off the disk image and put it in our system. That’s what we want to have while that’s doing its job. We can go over to the windows on Raspberry Pi Discord Server. So the link to this is in the description. If you if you’re not a member yet, just click on that link and join the server, so it’s just loading up right now. Okay, So I’m here in the windows and raspberry pi discord server now and what we’re going to go to is called NT Light Beta. You want to click on this and we want neon 30rar. So you’re just going to download this one. I’ll just save it to my desktop. I’m just going to click save and it’s going to download it, and then there’s one more tool that we need and that’s called NT Lite, so you’re going to go over to the NT Light website and you’re going to go to download not shop download and yeah, so you can download a stable version or a beta version. I would go with the stable if it was me, and then you can just download 64-bit or 32-bi’t, depending on your system, so just download that XF file, run it and install the app. After that, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over. Our installwhim is ready! That’s good, we’re gonna get our zip file right here, and I’m just gonna extract right here And it should start extracting, so it’s done extracting. And we have this folder right here. So what we’re going to need to do first? He’s actually giving us some instructions in here to show us how to do this, so it first says open NT light, then load the installwhim. So I’m going to be following this while doing a video to show you guys how to do it, so open up NT light after it’s done installing. Of course, you’re going to just need to wait for that app to open up, and then what we’re going to have to do. Is we’re going to have to add. I want to update that later, but we want to image file. And you’re going to locate your Wim file right here. That’s mine, I’m gonna hit open and it’s im. Just gonna go do not show this in the future. I know, okay, so right now. It’s right here and to load that up. We’re gonna have to double Click it and it’s going to start loading it up for us. It does take a few minutes, so just be patient. Okay, so as you see now. I have this little green dot next here. That’s what you want to see that means. Your Wim file is totally loaded up. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go over here to presents. We’re going to go import, and we’re going to find a 0.3.0 file that we had downloaded from the discord server before you’re going to open. Click, OK, and then it’s going to be right here. Double, click on it to load it up, and then you’re going to go over here to registry. And you’re going to open up the the file that you downloaded from the discord server again, So mine was on my desktop here. It is register registries right here. You’re going to take these copied over and it’s going to be right there, and then what you what you’re going to do after this is, you’re going to go apply and then you’re going to go process and click. I don’t wanna do that. Start applying all of the pending changes. Yes, I do want to so now. This can take a little while because it’s gonna clean out your whim. Take out all this useless stuff that makes your system slower and you’ll have a better experience with the windows and raspberry. If you do do this, so definitely do it. Okay, so as you see, I have these green dots over everything. That’s what you want to see and it’s flashing, so I can just click on here and it says completed image saved, so it’s all done every it’s taking out all the services that we don’t need. So now there are a few more things that we need to do to edit to our image, So you can just close up NC. Light and see right here. We have our install up whim. This is the one that has been edited, and these are just some empty light files that NT light had saved, But so what we’re gonna do right now you’re gonna right. Click go over to properties, and you need to make sure that it read only is not ticked because it won’t work if it’s like that, so if it’s not ticked, that’s good. Click, OK, right, click, and we actually need to install one program before doing this. We need 7-zip so you probably already have this installed, but if you don’t just go over to this website, download it for windows. I’m running 64-bit, of course, so you can just download that version and after you have it downloaded and all installed, you’re going to right, Click 7-zip open our chief, and once you have the archive opened up what you’re going to do, we’re going to have to see some files that we’re going to delete and then change, so open up the neon 3.0 folder and go over to instructions and we’ll see what we need to do here, so it says modify windows, so you need to go to C Windows cursors so we’re going to go to windows and then we’re going to go to cursors right here, and it says, delete this folder and copy the new one, so I can. Actually, I didn’t need to go in here. I’ll just leave right here. Cursors, I’m just going to hit delete. Are you sure you want to delete the folder cursors? Yes, I am sure, so it’s going to down. Uh, delete all those folders, and then we’ll get some new ones. So as you see, it is deleting the whole cursors file for me because it is not needed because we’re going to get some cursors that look better. So then you go over to replacement files. Take this cursors! Just copy it in here. Are you sure you want to copy files to archive? Yes, I am sure so now. We deleted the old cursors and now we’re getting some new cursors that were in 0.2.8 that look a lot better in my opinion than this default windows cursor. But, of course, that is just my personal preference. If you like if you don’t want that cursor, just don’t do this step. So for a lot of you guys. This is actually a good thing because you get to choose. What part of this you want to modify? And what part you don’t so if you didn’t want? These cursors don’t do it. If you don’t want the background pictures, leave them like you can leave. It modified. However, you want, so you actually have more freedom doing it this method, so I actually like it, and the reason they’re doing. This method is because it’s more legal and so they won’t get in trouble or whatever, so it’s almost done copying. Okay, so that’s done copying so next, it says program files arm, so we need to go over to program files, so lets. Just go out of here. Oops, and we’re going to go right here to program files. And then oh, we need to go program files arm. So just sorry, I need to go back. We’re going to go program files arm and what we’re going to do is we’re going to add edge here, so you’re going to go back over here and replacement files? You have edge right here. You’re just going to take this copied over here and yes. I want to copy it over so now. When we boot up, our system will already have edge chromium based arm 64. Installed, so that will be useful. We won’t have to do anything to install a Web browser so once that’s done copying over, We’ll go to the next thing, and now what does it say? Let’s see it, says Windows Web replace it, so we’re going to go back here. And where is that that is in Windows Web so windows, and then this is going to be down here Web right here. So you’re first going to delete Web? Yes, I want to delete it and then we’re going to copy over the new one, so Web is totally deleted, So we need that other folder open, so I must have closed that one on accident. So let me just go over. Get it replacement files Web. Just going to copy this over click. Yes, so now we’ll have a new background pictures and stuff like that, so just let that do its job once that’s done with copying over stuff. Now we just have to delete a few files to make our system run better, so you’re just going to go out of this web or actually, we can stay in here well. We need to find system 32 so it’s right here, and you’re going to go into System 32 and you’re going to look for recovery, so it’s right here, and it says, delete it, so I’m just going to hit delete. Yes, I want to delete all of the folder. So these are just useless files that are making our system slower and not run as efficiently. That’s why we’re deleting them and making our system run a lot better, so just let that go on, do its job, and then we need to go down here and we need to find Bing mapsd’ll so lets. Just go looking for that one, and it’s right here at bingmapsdll. Just yes, delete it. And now we need to delete one drive. So that is an sys. Wow, 64. So let’s just go out of system 32 and now we need to find sys so that should be down here right here, and then we’re going to look for one drive. Uh, where is one drive? Oh, it’s that’s the XF file, so it should be down here. So you kind of have to go scrolling through here to find the correct things to uninstall so here it is Onedrive setupexe. We’re just going to hit delete right there. Yes, get out of my system because onedri’ve really makes your system slow and yeah, it’s. Just we do not want that. So now we need to delete another thing called bingmapsdll. So we’re just going to go all the way up here to to where their BS are and we’re going to find that and delete it here. It is bingmapsd’ll just hit delete. Yes, now that that is done. We need to go over here to sysarm32 so we can just go right here and we could just type it instead to make it faster and then we’re gonna find the being mapsdll again like we did in the two other folders right here, delete. Yeah, okay, so it’s done now, and now we need to delete this other folder. So this is when sxs, so let’s just go out of here and let’s find that folder. It’s right here, and then what arm 64. So there’s some folder. What one is it? It’s the one drive setup, so you need to go down here and find the one drive setup so to make it easier. What, you’re what you’re going to want to do. Is you’re just going to come right here? And then you’re gonna copy this part of the command. You’re just gonna hit copy and then you’re gonna paste it above right here, and you’re gonna hit the stash key and hit enter, and this is some other onedrive stuff. You can just copy all of that and click delete, and this is just gonna uninstall more of the one drive for us that we do not want to have, so that’s all done. Um, deleting for us, and now what we need is some other stuff, so we have to go to default, so lets. Just go all all the way back. Just delete this from here, basically, and then we’re gonna go. You’re gonna go into users default, and then you’re going to look go to Appdata roaming Microsoft windows, and then you’re going to go to start menu programs. Onedrive dot that you’re gonna delete that because we also do not want that So this is just uninstalling for us, so we won’t have this link to one drive that doesn’t exist, basically, so it’s almost done and yeah, we are done. We are almost done so now. We just need to take away some programs that you don’t want. I mean, if you do want them. You can’t keep it so what we’re doing. We’re going to program files. X86 Internet Explorer. We’re deleting that if you want an internet explorer, you can keep it, but I don’t see a reason why you’d want to keep it so yeah, and now we’re just to go back to the program files, but the arm version so arm, and then what we’re going to delete is Internet Explorer and we’re also going to get Windows defender. So you can just hit control and then we’re also going to get Windows Mail, and then I’m just going to hit delete. Yes, I want to delete these three items. Okay, so we’re almost done. We have one more thing to do, and that is in the normal program files. So we’re just going to go here. And then we have Internet Explorer. We’re going to delete that. Yes, I want to delete that. And after this, we’ll be almost done. Okay, so once you once you have finished doing that. You have an already installedwhim to flash through a USB stick. So now, if you do not know how to flash that open up your web browser and go to the windows on Raspberry Project website, it will be linked in the description. Go over to downloads, download version 2.0.1 It’s the latest version And you’re going to hit. It’s just going to tickle. This website does take a little bit to load and then you should have it downloaded, so I’ll just save it right there, and then we’ll get started and be able. Be ready to flash it to our USB stick and then boot it up. So it’s done right there as you can see right here, so I’m just going to extract this to a folder and we have it right here. Here’s our folder you can open it up and to run it. All you have to do is click this war thing. Click yes and it. It should launch for us here. We are, we have English and I want Raspberry Pi 4. Select drive here is my US SD card, your windows and arm image what you’re just going to select your whim that we have taken a long time to create right there. Click open and, yeah, next latest on the server and I want to accept this next available on the server. The latest ones that’s the one that you want to click next and yeah, all these configurations are good for us and we can go next and I can go install. Yeah, so I’m not going to go into all this part, because all you have to do you have to click install and then you’re going to boot it up and yeah, and then it’ll just take a few. It’ll do a few reboots and then you’ll be able to sign in and sign up like a normal windows 10 computer, so be care ready that the first boot will take a little bit. Be patient, don’t! Pull the cables out at all. Just let it do. It’s thing, and once after you do that, you should have your newly built whim installed on your raspberry Pi 4. So yeah. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you guys to know how to get this all set up, because I know there was a lot of confusion in some of you guys, and you don’t know how to do this, so I hope this cleared up most of that and yeah. If you have any questions, just let me know down below in the comments. And yeah, don’t forget.

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